RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: All hail Renton High School

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of anything is, practically speaking, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And so it is with Renton High School, that architecturally wonderful building on… Continue reading

  • Apr 28, 2011
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JIM SULLIVAN: Setting facts straight on Valley/UW alliance

As a taxpayer and resident of Public Hospital District  No. 1, my primary concern is whether the Board of Commissioners is taking actions that enhance… Continue reading

TISH GREGORY: Earth Day a reminder that we have no where to run if we mess up

April 22nd is Earth Day, so I thought this would be a good time to check with Waste Management to see how Rentonites are doing… Continue reading

CALVIN GOINGS: SBA has an express way to get small business loan

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s popular 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program guarantees loans of up to $5 million. Many small businesses in Renton, however, need much… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: Let the libraries go gently, enjoy what comes in their place

Two words aptly describe Renton’s library over the river – iconic and anachronistic.Both also give a strong hint why it’s so hard to say goodbye… Continue reading

TOM WROBLEWSKI: Boeing should work with unions to benefit company, community

Freelance writer Tish Gregory’s recent Renton Reporter column was right about one thing: next year’s contract talks between Boeing, the Machinists Union and SPEEA will… Continue reading

COMMENTARY: Supreme Court rule makes justice affordable for all

The Washington Supreme Court adopted a landmark rule in December that ensures all people have access to the justice system regardless of their ability to… Continue reading

COMMENTARY: Medicaid assistance for drugs critical part of our health care

For every one of us fortunate enough to have the security of employment and good medical insurance, there are too many who do not. It’s… Continue reading

COMMENTARY: Two views on VMC, UW strategic alliance

The following commentary by Dr. Aaron Heide was submitted to the Renton Reporter, Covington/Maple Valley Reporter and the Kent Reporter. The Covington/Maple Valley Reporter posted… Continue reading

  • Mar 3, 2011
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OUR VIEW: Renton is quite a catch for SIFF

That the Seattle International Film Festival is coming to Renton is testament to what makes the city so unique – its diversity.But it’s also testament… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2011
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Valley board taking the right road now

In early October a “referee” was brought on board to help keep order at meetings of the Valley Medical Center Board of Commissioners.Referee isn’t the… Continue reading

RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Notices serve public good

There aren’t a lot of legal provisions enacted in 1789 still on the books today. But the ones that are have stood the test of… Continue reading

  • Feb 3, 2011
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Rich Roodman is chief executive officer of Valley Medical Center.

COMMENTARY: Alliance a new beginning for Valley Medical Center

Valley Medical Center and UW Medicine share a common mission and vision of providing outstanding clinical care with a firm commitment to patient safety and excellence. This decision provides exciting opportunities to explore what can be accomplished through combining efforts on important initiatives to benefit the residents of South King County.

  • Jan 21, 2011
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Rich Roodman is chief executive officer of Valley Medical Center.

RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Valley, UW alliance deserves full review

The prospect of a strategic alliance between Valley Medical Center and UW Medicine deserves careful scrutiny. As Valley CEO Rich Roodman says, it’s a game… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2011
  • BY Wire Service

COMMENTARY: Act to help businesses pool benefit resources

Today, many small businesses across America struggle to provide health benefits to their employees. On average, small businesses pay about 18 percent more than large… Continue reading

RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Valley Medical commissioners should agree to explore UW alliance

Now before Valley Medical Center commissioners is a recommendation to form a strategic alliance with highly regarded UW Medicine.The recommendation will go before the board… Continue reading

  • Jan 16, 2011
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RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Get engaged this political year

Anyone who chooses to run against Mayor Denis Law this year had better bring his or her A game to the campaign.This is not a… Continue reading

  • Jan 13, 2011
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