EDITOR’S NOTE: Discussions on Fairwood annexation critical to future

Renton is going to become a much different city than it is today – if Fairwood residents decide to annex to the city.That’s why the… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: A season of giving; a season of shopping

The holiday season is upon us, that joyous time of year when we gather with family and share our blessings.Sadly, there are those with few… Continue reading

JULIA PATTERSON: Nov. 3 election marks a new day for county

Over the past year local governments faced some of the biggest challenges of our lifetime – the recession, pandemic flu, preparing for a potential flood… Continue reading

Sen. Patty Murray honors veterans

Today we gather to celebrate and honor the great courage and sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. It is because of their sacrifice that we can… Continue reading

  • Nov 12, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: My Renton, your home page

Our initial buzz to build interest in MyRenton, our interactive Web site where the entire community can post news, photos and links by neighborhood, got… Continue reading

EDITOR’S COLUMN: Fairwood residents face tough decision on incorporation

IF ONLY ...If only we weren’t in a deep recession.If only Tim Eyman wasn’t trying to dismantle government.If only the answer was clear-cut and indisputable.If… Continue reading

TIM EYMAN: I-1033 allows government to grow at sustainable rate

I-1033 brings back successful policies passed by the voters previously. In 1993, during tough economic times, voters approved Initiative 601 which put reasonable limits on… Continue reading

Shiers Comic: King County Human Services

Weekly comic by Frank Shiers."King County Human Services please give!"… Continue reading

  • Oct 8, 2009

DENIS LAW: City budget tight; layoffs are likely

(Editor’s note: The following is a letter that Mayor Denis Law sent to City of Renton employees recently, outlining the state of the city’s finances… Continue reading

SUE RAHR: The proper way to dispose of prescription drugs

As kids across King County head back to school, parents, teachers and law enforcement are all thinking about ways to keep them safe at school.… Continue reading

COMMENTARY: How to save money on your daily commute with vanpools

Vanpooling is a little-known public transit option that turns out to be the most efficient, flexible and effective in reducing traffic congestion.How much do you… Continue reading

JULIA PATTERSON: Help for the ‘unbanked’

Did you know that more than 50,000 individuals in King County do not have a bank account? Or that nearly $22 million annually is stripped… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: The smart thing to do is prepare for possible flood

We are very worried about the flood alert. We want to know when it is going to be and what precautions we should do. Some… Continue reading

DENIS LAW: Only a catastrophic event would flood downtown Renton

Last week there was a flurry of media reports about the possibility of flooding in the Green River Valley, including the news of the temporary… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: Class size does matter

The magic doesn’t happen in the superintendent’s office.It doesn’t happen at a School Board meeting.The magic happens in the classroom. And that’s where the only… Continue reading

SUSAN BRESSLER: Thanks for support

Forgive me for being selfish with this column, but it has been a rough few weeks. It has been a little over nine years since… Continue reading

MILENKO MATANOVIC: Parks provide a gathering place

In 2008 Pomegranate Center, a non-profit design and community-building organization, worked with Skyway residents and King County Parks to develop a shared, community-owned plan to… Continue reading

EDITORIAL: Navigating the Future

If you travel or commute in this region, you know the drill: check the weather, check the time – and then check the status of… Continue reading

  • Aug 27, 2009

JULIA PATTERSON: Summer is time to prepare

With record temperatures sweeping the region, it’s hard to imagine winter is just around the corner. Many of us are spending our time enjoying the… Continue reading