CALVIN GOINGS: Successful business starts with a plan

Starting and managing a business takes motivation, desire and talent. It also takes research and planning.Like a chess game, success in small business starts with… Continue reading

DENIS LAW: City needs county help if Skyway to reach full potential

It was an exciting time when we moved from Renton into a new home in Skyway. The house overlooked Bryn Mawr and had a spectacular lake view as many homes on the West Hill enjoy. My daughters attended Lakeridge Elementary and the community had two supermarkets, a hardware store, a drug store, smaller retail stores, a bowling alley and many local restaurants. Skyway had an annual parade and there was a strong sense of community. This was back in the early 80s.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Time to talk over; rebuild the Viaduct

Seattle seems to love to talk.Even talk stuff to death.I don’t want that to happen to a replacement for the Viaduct, a transportation workhorse on… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: King County needs to step up to plate so Skyway can annex

The future of Skyway is in the hands of its government, King County, where it rightly belongs.Because of that, the county must act quickly –… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: Marley and Parker found my family!

(Editor's note: Just so there's no confusion, I ghost-wrote this for Uma, who was the Renton Reporter's entry in the River Days Duck Hunt. And,… Continue reading

PATTERSON AND NORMAN: Affordable housing is regional problem

While it is difficult to look beyond the current economic crisis, with unemployment hovering near double digits and home foreclosures continuing, this cycle will eventually… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, you guys, I know where I am

There’s been a coup here at the Renton Reporter.Or is that a coop? Oh, that’s that foul fowl.Anyway, back to who’s in charge here.I am.… Continue reading

DAVID JASSNY: Industry can teach some ‘green’ cleaning

The call for personal action to save the Earth seems to be falling on more deaf ears. Sales pitches for eco-friendly products and warnings of planetary demise are backfiring. People are tired of hearing them: “green fatigue” is spreading. Suddenly, contentment is growing in our country about the quality of the environment. According to a recent Gallup poll, 46 percent of Americans now rate our ecosystems as excellent or good. That is up from 39 percent a year earlier.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Charges bring closure for Alajawan closer

On April 29, 12-year-old Alajawan Brown was shot to death in Skyway. Two months later, on July 1, Curtis John Walker will stand before a judge at his arraignment on a first-degree murder charge. If he’s convicted, the 35-year-old Walker could get 35 to 45 years in prison, effectively a life sentence. Alajawan is serving a death sentence for no other reason than he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

JULIA PATTERSON: Here are some tips to help keep summer safe

Summer is almost here! The kids are out of school, adults are on vacation and it’s time for outdoor activities like riding bikes and swimming at the lake. However, summer is also the time when our safety is most at risk.

LAURA PIERCE: The hope for the future is graduating next week

This weekend and beyond, a new crop of high school students will be mounting the stage, mortarboards on heads and gowns over suits and dresses.They’ll… Continue reading

CALVIN GOINGS: Small businesses lead us out of the recession

The name “small business” is invoked regularly to support causes that range from taxes to health care, but who is the proverbial “small business” and why does it matter? Statistics say that nationally small businesses employ just over half of all private sector employers; in the last decade, 70 percent of all new jobs were created by small business. While these numbers are compelling, they don’t tell the whole story.

  • Jun 3, 2010

JULIA PATTERSON: Labeling changes make it easier to eat healthy

Back in 1990, the Food and Drug Administration required major food producers to label their packages with calorie, fat, carbohydrate and other nutritional information. For many of us, this changed the way we bought groceries. In fact, studies show that 75 percent of people read these labels and, of them, 61 percent changed their purchases based on the information they read.

SUSAN BRESSLER: Renton’s best teachers honored

The Renton Chamber of Commerce held its ninth annual Ahead of the Class Excellence in Education Awards recently. The program pays homage to the crème de la crème of educators in the Renton community — and this year’s eight winners (one was a team of four) were no exception. I am an admitted sap when it comes to teachers and the subject of education in general, but last Thursday’s program really got to me on several levels.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Come forward, for Alajawan and for Skyway community

Let’s not tip-toe around what happened to Alajawan Brown.He was murdered.And someone out there knows who fired that fatal gunshot or at least who was… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: An innocent walk home turns deadly for a 12-year-old boy

Alajawan Brown liked to play football. A couple Thursday’s ago, he took the bus to Walmart to buy some football cleats, using $20 he got from his brother to clean the kitchen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A close encounter on the Cedar River Trail and a City of Renton review

I can't imagine the terror and pain Velda K. Mapelli must have felt, if only for an instant, after she was knocked to the ground by a bicyclist late Sunday afternoon on the Cedar River Trail.

JULIA PATTERSON: Here’s help understanding federal healthcare reform

If you’re like me, you probably still have questions about the federal healthcare reform bill. Through the media, many of us have heard that pre-existing conditions no longer prevent people from getting or keeping health insurance. Still others may be aware that their children under 26 are now eligible to be covered under their health insurance plan, and that it closes the Medicare Part D “donut hole” for seniors.