RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Tough choices keep mounting; budget cuts to hit everyone

Renton’s city leaders have figured out that local government is going to look much different in the years to come – much leaner and more… Continue reading

  • Dec 16, 2010

DENIS LAW: Challenges met; city to engage citizens in facing the new ones

Against the backdrop of our state government in financial crisis, and a nation continuing to face its worst economic challenges in generations, our city has… Continue reading

SUSAN BRESSLER: Those without the sparkly Christmas tree need our help

As I write this column, I am sitting near my sparkly Christmas tree, in a warm house, with a warm sweater, with a hot cup… Continue reading

Goodbye, Dave Niehaus. You were an idol of integrity

Most people do not think about 3-2 counts or a pitcher warming up in the bullpen during this part of the year. Football season and… Continue reading

COMMENTARY: Community-based effort under way to improve student achievement in local schools

We are strongly support a groundbreaking, community-wide, regional effort under way to address this gap in achievement and raise up our students and our schools. The Road Map for Education Results is working to double the number of students in South Seattle and South King County to be on track to graduate from college or earn a career credential by 2020.

  • Dec 7, 2010

OUR VIEW: Tough times ahead

At all levels of government, budgets that pay for services that as a whole help everyone are being cut to the bone.Voters in the November… Continue reading

  • Nov 26, 2010

OUR VIEW: Hats off to Dr. Heuschel; she is absolutely super

The head of the Renton School District, Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, has received a much-deserved honor, Washington’s 2011 Superintendent of the Year.She immediately directed the… Continue reading

  • Nov 26, 2010

OPINION: Sheriff Sue Rahr explains how county budget cuts will affect Fairwood, West Hill

(Editor's note: King County Sheriff Sue Rahr read the following statement to the media Thursday morning in Seattle, outlining the impact that cuts in the… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2010

RICH ZWICKER: Thanks to mayor, staff for hard work on city budget

On Nov. 1, the Renton City Council adopted a $445 million two-year budget for 2011/2012. This was one of the earliest adoption dates and one… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2010

CALVIN GOINGS: New federal jobs act helps small businesses

The Small Business Jobs Act, signed by President Obama in September, will provide critical resources to help small businesses continue to drive economic recovery and… Continue reading

RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Higher rates necessary to protect city services

The Renton City Council has taken a critical step to protect basic utility services in Renton, approving rate increases to help ensure toilets don’t back… Continue reading

  • Oct 21, 2010

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Risk outweighs convenience for privatizing liquor sales

When I moved here from Anchorage 22 years ago, I thought how strange it was that you couldn’t purchase liquor on Sundays, holidays or (basically)… Continue reading

RENTON REPORTER EDITORIAL: Fairwood should annex to Renton

Finally, voters in Fairwood are getting a chance to vote on something that makes financial sense.Fairwood residents twice have said “no” to forming their own… Continue reading

  • Oct 15, 2010

Renton Reporter endorsements: Marcie Maxwell in the 41st District

Two years ago, the Renton Reporter endorsed local businesswoman Marcie Maxwell in her first run for the state Legislature, knowing she was a good fit… Continue reading

  • Oct 8, 2010

DOW CONSTANTINE: King County working on sustainable budget

We all deserve a county government that is restored to sound financial footing, not one lurching from crisis to crisis. That’s why the budget I… Continue reading

Sharon Foster and Michael Langer: Talk to your teens about risk of alcohol

As Washington teens settle back into school, now is the perfect time for parents to talk to them about alcohol.Our teens need your guidance as… Continue reading

  • Sep 30, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: Skyway responds loudly to Question of the Week

I thought a lot about how to ask a question for our Question of the Week about whether people feel safe in Skyway. I asked… Continue reading

EDITOR’S NOTE: Important information about Fairwood annexing

In just two months Fairwood will know its fate – again.Between now and then, residents in this unincorporated island of nice homes and a somewhat… Continue reading

Just a little off the top

Frank Shier's weekly cartoon… Continue reading

  • Aug 26, 2010

Prepare now for back to school

BY DR. GLORIA ARANDThe sun sure took its time coming out this year. It feels like summer break just began. But we’re already well into… Continue reading

  • Aug 26, 2010