Letters to the editor for the week of Oct. 18

  • Saturday, October 19, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion

Reader credits Pavone for giving them a voice

Dear editor,

What do you need to know about the current mayoral candidates to make an informed decision about who should lead our city? The key elements informing my decision are simple, but impactful.

Are they open and respectful of people’s diverse perspectives, especially when they are different from their own? Can the candidate engage and collaborate with the citizens in our community, the stakeholders on our boards and commissions, our local businesses and the administrators of our city? Our city leader must recognize the diversity of our beautiful city and be able to listen, engage and collaborate with all the stakeholders. It is key to working together to find the best solutions for the future of our city.

Do they have the knowledge, skills and attributes to lead our city? Do they appreciate our history and have a vision for our future? Are they willing to do the work that needs to be done for you and me? Our mayor must understand our history, our current environment, and have a vision for our future.

When I consider all these and other elements, my vote is Armondo Pavone. My endorsement is based on my experience working Armondo. When Neil Sheesley and I needed help to shut down a local drug house, Armondo got engaged, listened, guided and motivated us to keep working make our community safe. As chair of the Public Safety Committee, Armondo agreed to a Safety Walk. He and other city leaders walked the streets of downtown Renton for over three hours to experience the elements impacting our city and driving our concerns.

He also mentored Neil and I as we worked to host a town hall meeting for downtown Renton. We were able to get our community connected and engaged with our city council, city leaders and administrators, and the Renton Police Department. Neil and I had a voice. Our community had a voice. The drug house no longer exists. Armondo helped us drive change to make our community safer.

We were successful because of Armondo’s engagement. He cares about our city, is engaged with the community, values our diversity, understands and is invested in local business, and is dedicated to our future. He has the experience, initiative and determination to lead our city into the future.

Armondo is the best candidate for you and me – for the future of Renton.


Kathleen Booher

North Renton Resident

Renton Civil Service Commissioner

Renton Regional Fire Authority Citizen Advisory Panel

Former King County Civil Rights Commissioner

Former Secretary for North and South Renton Neighborhoods

Reader says voters should choose Marcie Maxwell

Dear editor,

Marcie Maxwell is my choice for Mayor of Renton. During our 20-plus year friendship and professional work in the public schools, Marcie has earned my trust and confidence. Accepting the status quo, standing still is not an option in a dynamic and growing city like Renton. It is complex, diverse and vibrant, just like Marcie. She knows and respects the history of Renton but will be looking to the future.

Marcie’s deep involvement in the city and community is stable and varied, including being elected as a school board member, to the Chamber of Commerce, as a Renton Regional Community Foundation founder and fund holder, Rotary President and active member, PTA Council, Kennydale Neighborhood Association President. Her history of engagement, leadership, passion and values are evident everywhere you look.

My deepest reason for supporting Marcie is her life-long passion for public education in Renton and the state of Washington. She is a fearless and ardent advocate. If we don’t educate all of our children with equity and social justice, we fail! Marcie is the only candidate for mayor with a proven record of personal and professional commitment and understanding of the value of public education for all of our children.

Elect Marcie Maxwell.


Dolores Gibbons, Ed.D.

Former Superintendent Renton School District

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