Letter to the editor for the week of Sept. 27

Senior reader worries about rising cost of living

Dear editor,

My name is Rachel and I’ll be 65 next month.

I’m scared. Both me and my husband, U.S. Citizens since birth, worked all our lives and paid our taxes but our hard-earned, small savings won’t mean a thing if one of us needs long-term care. Medicare only pays so much. We’ll probably lose our tiny, one-bedroom condo where we’ve lived for decades (not worth that much) and one of us may become homeless because Medicaid will consider us too rich to be qualified.

Social Security will help, but all of you know that it’s not enough.

I’m scared. We’re so angry that other people in the neighborhood receive so many government benefits, including housing, because they have young children and continue to have them.

I’m scared. We couldn’t have children and are cursed because there will be no one to take care of us.

I hope this reaches your readers and strikes a chord – I’m sure that many of them share our problem and our frustration. I offer a big hug and compassion for all who do.


Rachel R.