Letter to the Editor: Democracy is not a spectator sport

Democracy is not a spectator sport

Over the last few months, I’ve worked with our state legislators on two issues that are very important to me: conservation and healthcare affordability. I’ve found that all three of Renton’s legislators are incredibly responsive, thoughtful and hard-working. We are lucky to have Rep. Steve Bergquist, Rep. David Hackney and Sen. Bob Hasegawa represent us in Olympia. I hope all members of our community reach out to share their concerns with our elected officials as democracy is not a spectator sport.

State legislators are responsible for spending our hard-earned tax dollars on areas like education, transportation, the environment, health care and housing. They rely on the public to hold them accountable. If it’s not us, then we know lobbyists from every industry will be asking for special protections that aren’t in the public interest. I encourage everyone to not just share your opinions on social media – share them respectfully with the people who we entrust to lead our state. We will all benefit.

Jim Freeburg


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