Who’s trees are these? | KCSO BLOTTER


• On Sept. 9 officers were contacted regarding a dispute between neighbors. The police report stated the dispute was over three trees that had been cut down on the property line. The report added that both parties were claiming to own the trees.


• On Sept. 13 it was reported to officers that unknown suspects had forced their way into Heritage Flowers in Fairwood. The police report stated the subjects gained entry by breaking a window. Once inside, it was reported that the till was stolen.


• On Sept. 6 it was reported to officers a male suspect hit another male in the face causing him to be unconscious.

• On Sept. 9 officers responded to reports of a 14 year old who was reportedly “out of control” and was allegedly biting family members.

• On Sept. 11 it was reported that a wife had reportedly assaulted her husband with a garden hose and a metal plant holder.

• On Sept. 11 officers booked a female subject into the King County jail after she reportedly slapped her boyfriend across the face causing pain. The police report stated she also ripped his shirt.


• On Sept. 11, while officers were serving the subject a protection order, it was determined the subject was hiding methamphetamine in their sock.


• On Sept. 9 it was reported the victim’s cell phone was missing. The police report stated the victim’s friends had it but denied taking it.

• On Sept. 12 officers responded to reports of a subject breaking into the alcohol cabinet at the Fairwood Safeway. The police report stated the subject took multiple bottles from inside.

• On Sept. 13 it was reported unknown suspects entered an unlocked vehicle and reportedly stole a shotgun, a handgun and multiple shotgun choke tubes.


• On Sept. 10 officers stopped a male subject for a traffic violation. The police report stated officers arrested the subject for a misdemeanor warrant.

• On Sept. 12 officers made contact with a subject who has a felony warrant out of Mississippi and a misdemeanor warrant out of Bellevue.


• On Sept. 11 a wood pile was burned during a burn ban. The police report stated the fire got out of control. Some grass nearby caught on fire. The report added the fire spread about 30 to 40 feet away.


• On Sept. 13, officers were contacted about a purse, wallet and ID that were found in the reporting party’s garbage can.


• On Sept. 13 a male suspect was trespassed from the Fairwood Pet Center after his child was reportedly handling dogs after being asked not to.


• On Sept. 13 it was reported to officers that a student had allegedly threatened to sexually harm another student. According to the police report, the threats were reportedly made while at school.


• On Sept. 14 a subject reportedly called 911 to report an attempted assault. The police report stated the subject was unable to describe what actually occured. The report added that witnesses claimed no assault was attempted.