Wet road conditions cause fatal head-on collison on I-90

The Sept. 18 accident left three dead including a 64-year-old Renton Man.

Three people are left dead after a head-on collision on I-90 on Sept. 18, including a 64-year-old Renton man.

The accident was believed to have been caused by one of one of the vehicles traveling too fast for the wet weather conditions, according to the Washington State Patrol report. The vehicle traveling East-bound was believed to have hydroplaned and to have lost control, crossing the median into incoming traffic.

The aftermath of the collison blacked the roadway for approximately three hours.

The vehicle that lost control was driven by 42-year-old Tacoma man, James Budnick and the passenger was 34-year-old Spokane woman, Alyxandria McGriff. Both of them were pronounced deceased at the scene.

The 64-year-old Renton man in the other car, James Horner, was taken to Harborview Medical Center before he was pronounced dead.