Voters to decide on construction measure for Renton School District this November

If approved, it will fund building improvements as well as the construction of a new high school.

During the upcoming Nov. 8 elections, Renton School District voters will decide on a school construction measure that the district says will allow major repairs, replacements, and upgrades to schools in the community.

The district says that with approval of the construction measure, it would be able to make security improvements that include interior door lock updates, new key systems, main entry video intercoms, and entryway improvements to provide front door line-of-sight for office staff. The district also says the measure would allow for HVAC, plumbing and updated seismic protections to school buildings.

If passed, the measure would also allow a roughly 40-acre location to be purchased for a future Renton High School site.

According to the Renton School District, passage of this construction measure would not increase property taxes for residents. They say that even with approval of this $676 million measure, district tax rates will decrease by an additional 39 cents down to $3.16 per/$1,000 of assessed property value.

According to their projections, an owner of a home with stable value at $500,000 can see a decrease in school district tax rates of about $195/year.

The district says the tax rate has and will continue to decrease as more families, homeowners, renters, and businesses continue to move into Renton.

Capital construction bond measures like this one require a 60 percent approval rate by voters.

For more information visit the Renton School District website.