The latest in election results

Daily updates for Renton’s races

While some of the late ballots have flipped races in other cities, Renton’s races stay in the same spots. The last of King County ballots were counted on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The election will be certified on Nov. 26. Armondo Pavone appears to be the mayor-elect. Renton School District’s bond was approved after reaching the validation mark on last Thursday, gaining more approval in the following counts.

Here’s the final results from Wednesday, Nov. 13 counts:

Mayoral Race

Marcie Maxwell: 46.61 percent, 9,534 votes.

Armondo Pavone: 53.02 percent, 10,844 votes.

Council Pos. 3 Race

Valerie O’Halloran: 50.86 percent, 9,525 votes.

James Alberson: 48.78 percent, 9,135 votes.

Council Pos. 4 Race

Ryan McIrvin: 69.32 percent, 12,708 votes.

Maria Spasikova: 30.27 percent, 5,550 votes.

Council Pos. 5 Race

Ed Prince: 98.15 percent, 14,608 votes.

Council Pos. 7 Race

Kim-Khanh Van: 65.51 percent, 12,156 votes.

Thomas Trautmann: 34.22 percent, 6,349 votes.

Renton School Board Director District 1

Alisa Louie: 65.11 percent, 15,162 votes.

Joe Todd: 34.53 percent, 8,041 votes.

Renton School Board Director District 3

Stefanie McIrvin: 69.20 percent, 15,975 votes.

Kristen Deskin: 30.38 percent, 7,014 votes.

Renton School Board Director District 4

Suzette Espinoza-Cruz: 44.77 percent, 10,305 votes.

Gloria Hodge: 54.81 percent, 12,616 votes.

Renton Building for Excellence Bonds to Improve, Construct and Renovate School Facilities

Approved: 70.07 percent, 19,031 votes.

Rejected: 29.93 percent, 8,128 votes.