The Brick Kitchen + Lounge offers pub classics with cultural twists

I recently tried a Renton venue that I had been waiting to taste for quite a while now. The Renton drinking hole and eatery, The Brick Kitchen + Lounge at 1190 Sunset Blvd NE, did not disappoint.

What drew me in was the diversity in their menu options, a series of different comfort foods spanning cultures such as Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Peruvian and other cuisines that influence twists on some American pub classics.

A good example of that unique twist in cuisines is the Bulgogi Cheesesteak, a Philly Cheesesteak-style sandwich which utilizes Bulgogi-marinated beef, bell peppers and mushrooms, all under a heaping pile of melted cheese and topped with toasted sesame seeds and green onions. It also has a kimchi aioli that I dipped my fries in and very much enjoyed the spicy, umami sauce. That entree was $17.

I also tried the $11 signature wings. I opted for the lemon pepper dry seasoning, which came with a lemon wedge to squeeze over the top of the crispy poultry. The wings were lightly breaded which came out with an unbelievable crispness that I believe all chicken wings should have.

Other interesting menu items included: Panang Poutine, a bed of fries topped with Thai curry gravy, soft tofu, bell peppers, Thai basil and pico de gallo for $12; Udon noodles in a creamy cheese sauce with bunashimeji mushrooms, topped with furikake seasoning and a sunnyside-up egg for $15; and Loco Momo, similar to a Hawaiian Loco Moco — a hamburger patty and egg over rice topped with gravy — but this version instead has a pickle-brined piece of fried chicken for $17, it also includes Hawaiian mac salad.

Along with a series of 3-6 p.m. happy hour deals on drinks and food, including $4 bottled beers, $5 house wines and $6 well drinks, The Brick also has a full menu of interesting and creative cocktails.

Some cocktails that caught my eye were The Geisha, a vodka and sake cocktail with lychee fruit; the 1988, a reposado tequila cocktail colored bright pink with dragon fruit; and The Weasleys, a bourbon cocktail with ginger and basil flavors as well as bitters and lemon juice