String of destructive fires occur over Easter weekend, Renton Police suspect arson

Federal Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms shows up to investigate possible arson.

A number of vehicles and a structure were destroyed in an early Easter morning series of fires in Renton, according to police.

Just before 5 am on April 4, fire crews responded to a 911 call reporting a fire at a bus maintenance facility in the 800 block of SW Grady Way. Arriving fire fighters found that a bus inside the fenced yard had been lit on fire, and two adjacent buses were also involved in flames.

At 5 am, another 911 caller reported that a food truck parked in a gas station lot was on fire. This fire was within a quarter mile of the bus maintenance yard, and resulted in the destruction of the food truck.

Just before 6 am, another vehicle fire was reported in the area of Longacres Drive SW and SW 16th Street. This fire involved an unoccupied semi-tractor, and was only a few blocks from the food truck fire.

At 6:25 am, a fourth fire was reported only a few hundred yards from the semi-tractor fire. This fire involved the maintenance shed at a King County Conservation facility, which was destroyed.

Renton Regional Fire Authority, Renton Police, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigators responded to this series of fires. As of this time, no arrests have been made in this case.

Any witness with direct information regarding these fires is asked to contact Renton Police at 425-430-7500.