Smith leads in 9th Congressional District race | Election 2022

In the race for United States Representative in Congressional District 9, incumbent Adam Smith leads the way in early returns.

According to King County Elections’ Nov. 8 initial results, voters have pushed Smith (D) into the lead with 71.02% (94,082 votes) over Doug Basler (R), 28.79% (38,141 votes).

Two days after letting the early results soak in, Smith said he is gratified and honored to gain re-election and thanked his supporters for standing by his side. He’s pleased that copious state and nationwide Democratic candidates rose above the predictions and garnered positive results.

“More votes left to count, but it’s a very good start,” he said. “Regardless of how these last few races come out, there is much work for all of us to do. We have a very divided country and we must work to find ways to solve the problems people in my district and across the country face. I have faith that the House Armed Services Committee will maintain its tradition of bipartisanship and I will continue working — as I always have — with any representative on the other side of the aisle willing to find common ground.”

Smith, a lifelong Congressional District 9 resident, told the Reporter last month that, “It remains my greatest honor to represent an area where I grew up and where Sara and I have raised our family. This district is special because it is home to a tremendously diverse group of communities; this diversity makes the district better.”

While answering Reporter questions regarding the election last month, Basler noted: “I believe every human being has intrinsic value and purpose. I love America because here, like no other nation on earth, we all have the right to express that value and gifting and to be whatever we are willing to work hard for. I am committed to protect those rights, privileges, and opportunities for all of us here in the 9th District.”

King County Elections will post the next round of results by 4 p.m. on Nov. 10.

General elections results will be certified on Nov. 29.