Semi-truck and vehicle collide in Renton

A collision involving a semi-truck and vehicle resulted in the hospitalization of an individual on Oct. 16.

Renton Regional Fire Authority crews were dispatched at approximately 11:15 a.m. Oct. 16 at Southwest 41st Street and Lind Avenue Southwest to reports of an accident involving a semi-truck and vehicle.

Reports stated a victim was trapped inside of the vehicle, according to the Renton Regional Fire Authority.

A bystander had waved down a fire apparatus in the area that was in training, according to the department. Because the apparatus was in training, it was not fully equipped with personnel and tools, and the call was upgraded to a full response.

The vehicle had sustained heavy damage to the front end and driver’s side of the vehicle, resulting in the patient being unable to get out.

Crews removed the roof of the vehicle to extricate the patient, according to the department. First responder medics took over treatment of the patient and transported them to a hospital.

The patient did not receive life-threatening injuries in the accident, according to the department.