Road rage leads to assault, stomped windshield | POLICE BLOTTER

Road rage on southbound Interstate 405 ended Aug. 21 with the arrest of a 20-year-old Renton man for assault and for breaking a windshield.

The following information is compiled from Renton Police Department case reports.

Road rage on southbound Interstate 405 ended Aug. 21 with the arrest of a 20-year-old Renton man for assault and for breaking a windshield.

The road rage happened as a Renton man was taking a friend to a doctor’s appointment. He told officers the suspect was tailgating and he tapped on his breaks to get him to back off.

The driver told officers he ended up close to the victim’s car as he merged but didn’t think that warranted a break check. He followed the victim to the Renton Village to confront him.

The two exchanged insults and obscenities. The suspect returned to his car, but the victim spit toward an open window and kicked the passenger door.

The Renton man then got out of his car, jumped on the victim’s hood and windshield, breaking it. He then punched the victim in the face as he was trapped in the car.

The two fought on the ground but the fight was broken up by someone in the medical office. Medics treated the victim.

The suspect was booked into the SCORE regional jail for investigation of malicious mischief and fourth-degree assault.

Choking charges follow drinks for another woman

A 33-year-old Burien man was arrested Aug. 18 for assault after his girlfriend initially told officers he didn’t try to choke her.

Officers first contacted the man after a fight outside a bar in downtown Renton. He said the fight was his fault and would call someone to give a ride home.

He was treated by medics and walked off but returned later to the bar. He was trespassed for a year.

Twenty minutes later at about 12:30 a.m., officers investigated a gun shot and a man screaming on Bronson Way. The suspect was told to quiet down.

At about 12:45 a.m. the girlfriend picked him up in a BMW after he swore at officers. The girlfriend circled back to a nearby parking lot. The couple argued and there was a loud bang. The car’s windshield had a fist-sized hole in it.

She drove off but stopped. She told officers to arrest the man because he had choked her. The man had fled and a K9 unit and the Sheriff Office’s helicopter were called in. A resident spotted him hiding under a car on North Brooks Avenue.

He was arrested but the girlfriend didn’t want to press charges. She changed her mind after talking with a patron at the bar, who told her her boyfriend had been buying drinks for several women – with money she had given him.

He was booked into the SCORE regional jail for domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

Words exchanged over loud kids

Words were exchanged outside the Fred Meyer store on Rainier Avenue Aug. 21 between the mother of two boys blowing bubbles and a man talking on his phone.

The Renton man told officers he had asked the kids to quiet down as he was talking on the phone. But the mother told officers she heard stronger language directed toward her children.

The woman put her hand in her purse and walked toward the man. They used derogatory remarks and threats and she walked away.

After the man called her a derogatory term, she turned and sprayed him with pepper spray.

However, an investigation determined she was the aggressor and the case was forwarded to Renton prosecutors.

Generator stolen from driveway

A Renton man looked out his window the morning of Aug. 18 to see an unfamiliar car backed up into his driveway on Bronson Place Southeast.

He had left his generator in front of the garage door the night before.

He walked out, thinking the man inside was delivering the Sunday newspaper. The car drove off and he noticed his $400 generator was gone.

When he couldn’t find the Sunday newspaper, he discovered his wife had canceled the paper the week before.