Renton voters decide on school district bond Proposition No. 1

If passed, the bond will help construct a new high school to replace Renton High School.

Renton School District No. 403

Proposition No. 1

Bonds to Improve Safety and Replace Renton High School

The Board of Directors of Renton School District No. 403 adopted Resolution No. 14-21/22, concerning a proposition to provide safe, modern facilities to enhance learning. This proposition would authorize the District to: make District-wide safety, security, seismic and other essential capital improvements (including entry point access controls, security systems, video cameras; and seismic system, roof, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC improvements); construct a new high school to replace Renton High School; acquire land; issue no more than $676,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 21 years; and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 14-21/22,” read the statement regarding the bond on the King County website.

Updated on Nov. 12 at 4:03 p.m.

Total votes counted: 34,678 out of 75,029 registered voters.


63.41% (20,584 votes)


36.59 % (11,878 votes)