Renton Technical College introduces program to let students try a trade

The “Try-A-Trade” program allows enrollment in an intro trade course for $50.

Renton Technical College (RTC) is introducing a program that allows community members and prospective students to try a trade program intro course before fully committing to it.

Doug Medbury, director and dean of the culinary arts program at RTC, says the “Try-A-Trade” program will give potential trade school students a chance to “get a feel” for a specific career pathway at “minimal cost,” and if the trade is a good fit for them, they can get credit for the completed course and can continue down the career pathway.

Medbury said it only costs $50 for someone to try an intro trade course that may otherwise cost $500, with the goal of “lifting barriers” when it comes to financial and time commitments for people who may be interested in a trade career, but might be too unsure to dive in all the way before trying it out.

Students can try introductory courses in several different pathways including culinary arts, early childhood, automotive, baking, machine manufacturing, electrical work and drafting.

Administrators at Renton Technical College hope the program will reduce barriers for young potential students and community members to pursue a trade career education and that it will help get more students on campus.

Medbury said individuals who are interested in the “Try-A-Trade” program can visit RTC’s Student Success Center and meet with advisors who can give information on how to enroll in the program. Resources exist on the Renton Technical College website as well.

The program is expected to kick-off in January 2023 with registration opening this November.