Renton resident to compete in all-female navigational off-road rally race

The Rebelle Rally forces teams to race across the desert with only a map and a compass.

Four wheels, a map and a compass.

That is basically all Renton-woman Kat Salvo will have when she competes alongside her partner in the all-female off-road navigation race called the Rebelle Rally.

The Rebelle Rally pits female off-road enthusiasts from all over the country against each other in a navigational challenge to race across the Nevada desert using nothing but a map, a compass and a series of coordinates to guide them.

Salvo expects her first time competing in the Rebelle Rally to be full of emotional highs and lows as her and her two-woman team, titled “The Prosciutto Babes,” put their navigational and off-roading skills to the test.

The race, which in the past has included around 50 cars, will span more than 2,000 kilometers of desert terrain in both Nevada and California.

Salvo said the starting location of the race will be kept secret until closer to the starting date. She said the only info that will be given is a series of coordinates just before the start of the race.

“Hopefully, you write them down correctly,” she said jokingly.

Driving her Toyota 4Runner, Salvo said she has prepared for the competition by taking navigation classes and practicing her map reading and compass skills.

During the rally race, competitors will be prevented from using built-in navigation systems, internet and even their phones. Salvo said phones and built-in electronics will be taped over by the competition’s organizers, and tampering with the tape could mean disqualification.

As an outdoor adventure enthusiast, Salvo said she is putting herself through such an incredible challenge because she wants to feel “empowered” by persevering through the difficult circumstances.

“I don’t know if I will win,” said Salvo. “But I expect to feel like a badass.”

The “desert shenanigans,” as Salvo described them, are set to begin in October.

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Salvo’s 4Runner rips through muddy trails (photo credit: Joseph Plumb)

Salvo’s 4Runner rips through muddy trails (photo credit: Joseph Plumb)