Renton Reporter’s most viewed online stories of 2017

While crime stories dominated the list, the most-read story was about a potential fast food joint.

As the Renton Reporter gears up for the new year, we decided to look back to see which 2017 stories our readers clicked the most.

Here are the top 10 most viewed online stories of 2017 (starting from the most read) according to Google Analytics:

  1. Residents crossed their fingers, hoping the next Dick’s Drive-In would come to Renton. SPOILER: It’s going to Kent. That’s close enough, right?

  2. A Renton man pleaded guilty to first-degree child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

  3. “(Playing defense is) where my heart is. It gives me the chance to protect my brothers more,” said Julian Bruce of Liberty High School.

  4. The city issued a stop work order to a highly-contentious Tiffany Park housing development after two protected trees were removed without authorization.

  5. Right before their opening in July, Hyatt Regency Lake Washington announced details about its signature restaurant Water’s Table.

  6. A fight between two men escalated into a shooting near McKnight Middle School. The school was temporarily on lock down.

  7. Plans for the Family First Community Center, proposed by Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin and city of Renton, moved forward after Renton City Council authorized $4 million for the project.

  8. A man was charged with second-degree rape for allegedly attacking a 23-year-old Renton woman while he worked as an Uber and Lyft driver.

  9. A Renton man was part of an online child sex sting operation. He was charged with attempted rape of a child in the first degree, attempted rape of a child in the second degree and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

  10. Renton can boast of being home to the Seahawks, Boeing 737 plant, IKEA… and now the second best burger in the Northwest.