Renton Regional Fire Authority describes ‘significant’ incidents from August

Fatal vehicle collisions, brush fires, and structure fires among the list of calls

The Renton Regional Fire Authority (Renton RFA) shared statistics collected by their department during the month of August that indicates the agency responded to a total of 1,771 total incidents during that span of time.

According to the department, there were a total of nine incidents that were deemed “significant,” including three “significant” EMS calls, 5 “significant” fire calls, and one”significant” special operations response.

Renton RFA provided descriptions of the significant incidents they responded to, reported as follows:

On Aug. 5, Renton RFA responded to a vehicle fire on the 12600 block of SE Petrovitsky Rd. Renton Police also responded to the incident. Crews were reportedly dispatched to a report of a brush fire and then were advised the fire started from a single car collision. Firefighters extinguished the fire and found one deceased occupant inside the vehicle. The scene was turned over to Renton Police to begin their investigation.

On Aug. 5, Renton RFA responded to a motor vehicle accident with multiple casualties on the 400 block of Rainier Ave. N. Renton RFA responded with King County Fire District #20, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, King County Medic One and Renton Police. One vehicle with five occupants traveling at a high rate of speed collided into a tree that split the car in half with the front half of the vehicle reportedly catching on fire. Crews extinguished the car fire and conducted triage on multiple patients. One patient with severe injuries was transported to a local hospital. The remaining 4 occupants were pronounced dead on the scene.

Also on Aug. 5, Renton RFA responded to a rescue incident at the intersection of Talbot Rd. S. and S. 177th St. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority and TriMed Ambulance. Units arrived on scene to an individual who had fallen down a steep ravine and sustained minor injuries. Rope rescue crews extracted the patient and began patient care. The patient was transported to the hospital.

On Aug. 9, Renton RFA responded to a stabbing incident near the 10000 block of SE. 192nd St. Renton RFA responded with Renton Police and King County Medic One. Units arrived on scene, waited for clearance from police, then provided patient care to one victim stabbed in the chest. KC Medic One arrived and evaluated the patient then transported to a nearby hospital.

On Aug. 14, Renton RFA responded to a residential fire on the 1400 block of N. 34th St. Renton RFA responded with Bellevue Fire Department and King County Medic One. Units arrived on scene at a two-story home with heavy fire and smoke behind the house, extending to the second-story deck. All occupants were safely evacuated, and firefighters began their fire attack. Crews completed a primary search and found no fire extension and then completed air monitoring and ventilation of the home. No injuries were reported, and the scene was turned over to the fire investigator. The fire was ruled undetermined.

On Aug. 16, Renton RFA responded to an odor of gasoline on a residential street on the 2400 block of SE. 8th Pl. Units arrived to reportedly find neighbors and Puget Sound Energy investigating in the neighborhood. A Renton RFA hazmat unit investigated and notified the City of Renton Sewer and Water department. Abnormal levels of what was described as “volatile organic compound” and “lower explosive limit” were found in the opening to the manhole. Renton Public Works was alerted and assisted with the investigation. Fire crews flushed the sewer system with water on SE. 8th Pl. to the lift station at the end of the street.

On Aug. 17, Renton RFA responded to a mutual aid call for a residential fire on the 19500 block of 108th Ave SE in Kent. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority and King County Medic One. It was reported a resident was burning out a hornet’s nest under the home then noticed fire coming out of the attic. Crews arrived on scene to a two-story home with fire in the back and occupants evacuated. Firefighters began their fire response then checked the attic for fire extension and completed air monitoring. Puget Sound Energy arrived on scene and locked out the gas and electricity. The Red Cross was reportedly called to assist the family.

On Aug. 21, Renton RFA responded to a brush fire near the 500 block of S. Renton Village Pl., between I-405 and the Triton Tower One parking lot. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire, Port of Seattle Fire, King County Medic One. Fire crews arrived on scene and reported a 10’ x 40’ brush fire that was growing quickly with flames extending into power lines, trees and power poles. A parked car had also caught on fire. Multiple explosions were heard, and no crews entered the fire area directly below the power lines until Puget Sound Energy arrived to confirm the power was off. Fire trucks were repositioned to the Northwest side of the fire and crews began their fire response. Washington State Patrol closed the I-405 off ramp to Rainier Ave. for traffic with the Port of Seattle rig positioned on the ramp to flow an estimated 3000 gallons of water onto the brush fire. There were no injuries reported.

On Aug. 25, Renton RFA responded to a residential fire near the 12000 block of SE. 166th St. Renton RFA responded with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority and King County Medic One, and Renton Police. Fire crews arrived on scene at a one-story home with the roof, patio, and back wall fully engulfed in flames. One resident was evacuated by neighbors and found outside reporting one or two more could be inside. Crews began extinguishing the fire and began patient care. KC Medic One arrived and took over patient care then transported to nearby hospital. Crews then began their primary search in the home and located one deceased resident. Due to the fatality incident, the medical examiner arrived on scene and the ATF investigators were called to assist Renton RFA investigators. Deceased animals were found and left for Animal Control. The cause of the fire is under investigation.