Renton Police investigate drive-by shooting on 3rd St. and Park Ave.

Police report there were minor injuries, and the victims were transported to local hospitals.

Renton police were dispatched to reports of a shooting in the area of N. 3rd St. and Park Ave. N. at 2:05 p.m. on Feb. 26.

According to witnesses, a group of young men were hanging out at the corner of N. 3rd St. and Park Ave. N. when an unlicensed Infiniti drove by and shot at the group. Witnesses state that at least two of the young men from the group shot back.

According to police, during the shooting, two uninvolved vehicles in the area were hit by gunfire causing glass fragments to injure the occupants. One vehicle had two occupants, a male and a female. The other vehicle had one female driver.

Police report there were only minor injuries, and the victims were treated by fire and transported to local hospitals for follow-up care.

Investigators say at this time the motive for this shooting is unknown and there is no suspect information. There were approximately a dozen shell casings were recovered from the scene.

Officers continue to gather information from witnesses and surveillance from the area and this case will be turned over to Investigations for further review of the case.

Police are asking anyone that might have been in the area and have any details regarding this case, or possibly may have any surveillance of the group of young males or the Infiniti at the time before, during, or after this incident, please reach out to our their Investigations Team at