Renton police catch “prolific” smash-and-grab burglary suspect

Suspect accused of committing six different burglaries in the area.

The Renton Police Department has reported that a “prolific” smash-and-grab burglary suspect is behind bars after being accused of using a stolen vehicle to break into Renton businesses.

Since October 2022, Renton police have arrested 27-year-old Feleti Wight multiple times, and detectives have filed over two dozen charges against him, including 19 burglary cases, four attempted burglary cases and three cases of possession of a stolen vehicle. In each case, Wight was eventually released on his own recognizance.

In the most recent burglary series, investigators said Wight allegedly used a stolen black Jeep to smash into glass windows or doors of six businesses, then stealing cash, jewelry and other small valuables.

According to the Renton Police Department, detectives evaluated the evidence and compared surveillance video and witness accounts to connect all the cases.

“This is simply excellent police work by our detectives and patrol officers. Not only has this suspect been a menace to Renton businesses, but he also twice fled from officers just at the sight of their patrol car, creating a public safety hazard,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Hardin in a statement regarding Wight’s arrest.

Renton detectives rush-filed the case, and the King County Prosecutor’s Office filed second-degree burglary charges against Wight. Wight is currently being held on $100,000 bail.