Renton opens completed Sunset Neighborhood Park

Park features walkways, lawns, playgrounds and jungle gyms.

The second half of the Sunset Neighborhood Park was completed, as Renton held the new park’s grand opening on Thursday (Jan. 28).

The 3.2 acre park located across from the Renton Highlands Library now features playgrounds and large entangled jungle gyms for children.

In addition to the park’s walkways, lawns, play areas and bathroom facilities it also includes a unique art installation, “The Color of Flight,” designed and sculpted by Kirk Reese.

The vertical pillars holding wing-shaped panes of multicolored glass are touted by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission as a “sculptural homage to Renton’s aviation history,”.

The park was funded by the city of Renton as well as with grant funding from county, state and federal governments.