Renton officials issue reminder of fireworks ban

Fireworks have been banned in Renton since 2005.

City of Renton police and fire officials issued a reminder to everyone that the sale and use of fireworks is prohibited within Renton city limits.

The ban was passed by voters in 2005 and is designed to protect both citizens and their

property from damage caused by fireworks. Since its inception, there has been a significant reduction in the amount of injuries and property damage.

Citations may be issued for violations. Violators are subject to both civil and criminal penalties. Additionally, the sale, possession, or use of explosive devices such as M-80s, M-100s, and homemade or modified fireworks is a felony offense. Violators will face criminal charges.

In Washington state in 2020, there were 597 fireworks-related incidents reported, including 360 fires and 237 injuries.

The discharge of consumer fireworks is permitted in some neighboring jurisdictions, such as unincorporated King County, including Skyway and Fairwood, but fireworks of all types are banned within Renton city limits.

King County passed a ban on the sales and use of consumer fireworks that will become effective June 2022; fireworks will no longer be permitted in unincorporated King County, including Skyway and Fairwood next year.