Renton considers public art installation for Williams Ave.

However, not much is know about what the light-involved project will look like.

The City of Renton is considering contracting a signage and public art firm for the “fabrication and installation of a public art piece” on Williams Avenue, but at the moment, few details have been released about what this will look like.

The public art and signage agency Western Neon is being considered by the city as the contractor for the project based “on their exceptional response quality, strong qualifications, and competitive pricing,” according to city council documents.

“Their comprehensive and promising response, coupled with their expertise, aligns perfectly with project requirements,” read an agenda item from the Renton City Council’s Oct. 16 Community Services Committee Meeting regarding the contract.

According to the same city council document, several artistic possibilities have been considered, ranging from sidewalk and street treatments such as inlays, markers, mosaics, murals and unique pavement textures, to incorporating artistic elements into the streetlights, poles and lighting.

“The goal is to create a vibrant and engaging environment that transforms this section of Williams Avenue into a destination for residents and visitors alike,” reads the city council document.

The installation will be part of the city’s Williams Streetscape design project, which intends to beautify Williams Avenue with new plantings, lights and walkway improvements among other upgrades.

According to the city, the project design emerged from discussions within a subcommittee of the Arts Commission, which was formed to provide guidance and leadership regarding the art component of the project.

“During the initial subcommittee meeting, it was evident that there was a consensus in favor of recreating or reinstalling a mid-century era streetlight as a central element of the Williams Streetscape project,” a city council document said of the process. “The decision was informed by research and discussions focused on preserving the historical character of the area while incorporating artistic elements into the Williams Streetscape project.’

The document also mentioned the intent to restore a donated historic streetlight.

According to the city, a budget of $37,268.15 has been allocated for the art installation within the Williams Streetscape project, with the funding reportedly sourced from a combination of the Arts Capital Budget and existing funds within the Economic Development Budget.