Renton Chamber of Commerce, local businesses to recognize distinguished educators.

Students, parents and peers can nominate teachers that “made a difference,”.

The Renton Chamber of Commerce and several business organizations are joining together to sponsor exemplary educators and give back to teachers of distinction chosen by the community.

The Ahead of the Class award program is a partnership between the Renton Chamber of Commerce, Renton public and private schools, and Renton businesses. The program’s aim is to enhance community awareness of the excellence of education in Renton.

Through April 23rd, students, parents and peers can nominate teachers and educators who they believe have “made a difference,” in their respective schools and communities.

Nominate a Renton educator by using this link:

After nomination, teachers will then be asked to submit applications. Last year, 239 nominations came in and 63 were invited to submit applications. A selection committee of local volunteers reads through the applications and picks 10 finalists to interview.

This year’s 10 finalists will also be featured on RentonLIVE! throughout the summer leading up to the awards ceremony. This year’s award ceremony will be held in conjunction with Renton’s New Teacher Breakfast on August 25th.