Philip Arnold Park reopens after year-long renovation

The city decided to renovate the 60-year-old park after it showed “signs of aging.”

Philip Arnold Park, the triangular-shaped 10-acre park nestled between Jones Avenue South and Beacon Way SE, reopened on Dec. 1, after closing for a renovation project that began in October 2022.

According to the City of Renton, the 60-year-old park was slated for renovation after officials identified signs of aging and a need for accessibility improvements.

Major site improvements for the park included accessible looped walkway and boardwalk, a playground replacement, parking renovations, demolishing of an activity building, new picnic shelters and paved parent plaza, a new restroom, a basketball court renovation, improved drainage and stormwater management, and new park signs.

The city also implemented a concept known as “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design,” in the design of the park renovations.

The construction contract was awarded to Active Construction Inc. Funding for the project includes 2019 Renton Parks Bond funds, Parks Impact Mitigation Fees, 2019 King County Proposition No. 1 Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Levy funding, and local funding.

When the park was closed for renovations on Oct. 24, 2022, the city estimated it would reopen by June 2023.

According to the city, one area of the park remains closed as stair and ramp railings have not yet arrived. The city says on their website that measurements and designs for railings must occur after the concrete stairs and ramps are completed in the field in order for them to be fabricated accurately.

“These railings are anticipated to arrive and be installed in February 2024,” the city said on their website. “Miscellaneous landscape work will continue in the next few weeks and will not limit your use and enjoyment of the park.”