Parent, child hospitalized after hit-and-run in Fairwood

The collision happened around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning in the Fairwood Greens neighborhood near Southeast Petrovitsky Road.

On Tuesday morning, May 16, the Renton Firefighters and King County Medic One responded to a report about a hit-and-run involving two pedestrians in the Fairwood Greens neighborhood of Fairwood.

According to King County Sheriff’s Office, the pedestrians were a mother and infant in a stroller and they were struck on the sidewalk by a vehicle at 9:09 a.m. on the 17600 block of 155th Avenue Southeast, which is close to the Fairwood Golf and Country Club.

KSCO says that the vehicle fled the scene and that the mother and infant were transported to local hospitals with serious injuries but were released the same day. Security camera footage from a home near the collision shows that the vehicle was a white Nissan Frontier.

The collision happened in the driveway of Adrienne Whitmore, who posted on Facebook that she was told by the father and husband of the hit-and-run victims that they were released from the hospital and back home.

According to Whitmore, the area where the hit-and-run occurred has had a problem with speeding.

“Speed on this entry road into the Greens has been a major issue and our neighbors have been trying for years, speaking to both our HOA and to the [King County] Sheriffs, trying to find a solution to no avail,” Whitemore said. “I wish it didn’t take something like this to happen to get noticed, but we are hoping to use this incident as even more reason to find a solution to slow drivers down!”

This is an active and ongoing investigation and will be updated as more information becomes available.