North Benson Urgent Care Clinic remains closed after property damage

Two seperate incidents caused window damage, according to the clinic.

The North Benson Urgent Care Clinic remains closed after their windows were damaged during multiple incidents.

North Benson Urgent Care has been closed for repairs since Aug. 1 following a shooting incident in the early morning hours in the North Benson Fred Meyer plaza, according to Valley Medical.

On Aug. 7, a second incident occurred in the early morning hours, creating further property damage to the clinic. Valley Medical did not specify what occurred to cause the property damage during the second incident.

No staff or patients were harmed, according to the health care provider. Valley Medical’s security team and Renton police are actively investigating and pursuing leads.

“North Benson Urgent Care serves an extremely diverse population. Repairs are underway, but the temporary closure is impacting access to care for those who need it most,” said the clinic via written statement.

While repairs are being made, the community can remotely check wait times for one of Valley Medical’s other nearby urgent care locations or schedule a telehealth online visit at