Multiple shots fired outside nightclub | POLICE BLOTTER

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department incident reports.

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department incident reports.

The Renton Police officer eastbound on South Third Street downtown heard someone yell, apparently in warning, “Cops! Cops! Cops!” after observing a large group of people outside a nightclub just after midnight on May 8.

A man tried to run frantically from the crowd, then fell. The officer saw another man fire down at him five times. Using other cars for protection, the officer approached the nightclub and the shooter walked calmly back into the club.

As the victim got up and fled, he looked directly at the officer, so it was apparent to the officer he didn’t need assistance. He left behind a shoe and a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol with a round in the chamber. Pieces of bullets were recovered.

The suspect likely fled out the back door as he wasn’t seen among the patrons as the nightclub was cleared. They didn’t cooperate with the investigation.

VEHICLES PROWLED AT COULON: Multiple vehicles were prowled May 9 in the north parking lot of Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park on Lake Washington Boulevard.

The thefts were quick and involved taking a purse or handbag and contents from inside the vehicle after a window was broken. The total loss was estimated in the thousands of dollars.

In one, someone stole a Renton woman’s Coach handbag that was hidden under the driver’s seat. She had come to the park for a walk at about 10:40 a.m. Someone broke the rear window on her car and grabbed the handbag, which had credit cards, cash, two passports and a checkbook.

She called her bank and learned that her cards were used at Target at The Landing and a gas station in Tukwila.

Another victim’s debit card was used at a Fred Meyer in Renton.

SKYPE SCAM: A 21-year-old Renton man Skyped with someone named Monique during the day on May 7, eventually taking off his clothes.

She Skyped again and called him disgusting and informed him she was under 18. He could be fined $75,000 and arrested.

Monique then demanded $1,500 or she would post the video online. He didn’t have the money, so she lowered the amount to $600 and finally to $150.

He still didn’t have the money, so she posted the video to his mother’s Facebook page via YouTube.

The video was deleted and he deleted his Facebook and Skype accounts. He has no other way to contact Monique.

NEEDS TO USE RESTROOM: A Renton business owner doing some paperwork at his closed business on Sunday, May 8, saw the bathroom door close.

He thought someone was burglarizing his auto-repair shop on Park Avenue North, so he grabbed a pipe and yelled to the person to get out.

The suspect emerged and explained he needed to use the bathroom. The victim was holding the pipe at his side. The suspect turned, grabbed a black handgun from his pocket and pointed it at the victim and said “go ahead.”

He then left but was spotted by officers nearby. He told them he pointed the handgun, which is a fake, at the business owner to scare him. He carries the toy gun for protection.

He was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of felony assault.

ASSAULTED AFTER SCHOOL: A 18-year-old Renton man who had just gotten out of Renton High School for the day May 6 was robbed while walking toward the transit center.

He was approached by three males at about 1:50 p.m., who started to kick and hit him. One took his backpack with his cell phone inside and another took his wallet with $250 inside.

He told officers he was hit in the eye and mouth.

GLASS BROKEN: Someone smashed a hole a large glass pane early on May 9 at Cugini’s Florist and Gift Shop on South Third Street by using a large lid from a trash can outside the store.

It doesn’t appear that anyone entered the store because the hole was about 4 feet off the ground nor was anything taken.

Damage was estimated at about $1,000.

BUS TICKET, NOT A BED: For the fourth time in a week, the 52-year-old Everett man on May 8 was looking for a bed to stay at Valley Medical Center, claiming he was mentally ill.

He claims he is suicidal so he can have a place to eat and sleep. The night before he told Seattle Police officers he was homicidal. He told the Valley ER staff, “If I can get a bed and a place to stay, I won’t hurt anyone.”

The hospital gave him a bus pass so he could return to Seattle. He had already received a mental-health evaluation.