Marvin Rosete announces campaign for Renton City Council

Small business owner and educator, Marvin Rosete, announced his entrance into the race for Renton City Council.

Rosete currently serves on the City of Renton’s Municipal Arts Commission. Rosete has previously worked with the King County Executive’s office and the King County Council and is a co-founder of the Renton-based youth charity, Angels in Sports.

“I am running because Renton needs leaders who are responsive to the concerns of our residents,” Rosete said in a statement. “Many of my neighbors are frustrated with the incumbent council member’s approach. It’s time for leadership that puts the people of Renton first, especially with individuals experiencing homelessness, the desire for better mass-transit, and a public safety crisis that our city faces, right now.”

Rosete’s top priorities are to restore confidence in public safety, improve the delivery of quality municipal services, and protect the unique features that define Renton. This includes public art, supporting the Renton Downtown core, and protecting natural resources such as public parks and the Cedar River.

“The incumbent has served for 12 years and is distant from the needs of the Renton community. I believe I can do a better job.” Rosete said in a statement.

Rosete is a graduate of Renton High School and the University of Washington. Rosete holds a master’s degree in public administration from Seattle University and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California.