Local non-profit is concerned about the expiration of USDA Farm to Family program

INSP has provided thousands with food during pandemic, but is worried about being able to continue.

International Nutritional Sustainable Partners, the non-profit organization that has been providing food for tens of thousands of people across the Puget Sound since the onset of the pandemic is now preparing to face challenges as the USDA Farm to Family program is set to expire at the end of the month.

INSP Spokesperson, Brandy Badger, said the USDA Farm to Family program helped the organization deliver over 100,000 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and other food products to some of the individuals and families rendered most vulnerable by the pandemic.

Badger said it was the supply of food brought in by the USDA program in conjunction with volunteers and many private and governmental partners that made their efforts to maintain food security in the region possible.

The operation stays afloat because of businesses and partners locking arms,” Badger said.

As the USDA Farm to Family program expires at the end of May, Badger is concerned about how INSP will continue to supply urgently needed food to such a high volume of residents.

“We are not ready for the program to end,” Badger said, urging residents to contact the Governor’s office and the White House to hopefully extend the program.

Badger said there are still huge food insecurity issues across the region and many people are “eating through their funds,” as many unemployed people are spending to survive with no income.

She said the INSP has been able to supply tens of thousands of hungry residents with food, “no questions asked.”

Now Badger says she is unsure how the organization will still be able to do that once the USDA Farm to Family program expires, and she is concerned about what will happen when more than 25,000 people no longer have somewhere to go to receive sustenance.

“A lot of people are hanging by a string,” she said. “Just barely staying away from government assistance.”

Badger said through giving food, INSP is not only providing a lifeline for the community, she believes they are building a stronger and more hopeful community.

For more information on INSP or their events visit: https://www.facebook.com/INSP.org/