King County Sheriff’s deputies found 130 grams of illegal drugs during single incident

KCSO says they found the narcotics during a mid-january police stop in Fairwood.

King County Sheriff’s Office deputies confiscated over 130 grams of illicit drugs in Fairwood during a mid-January incident.

According to a KCSO Facebook post, two officers contacted a driver at a gas station near 14000 block of SE 171st Way after the clerk said the driver had been at the gas pumps for over an hour.

Deputies found 120 grams of powdered substance that tested positive as heroin. They also found needles, pipes and drug paraphernalia that were strewn throughout the suspect’s vehicle.

The driver was arrested and booked in King County Jail.

After the driver’s vehicle was impounded, a specialized unit authorized by search warrant found an additional 10 grams of methamphetamine.