Here’s who’s running for election in Renton

Candidates had till Friday to file for multiple local electioins

Note: A previous version of this article indicated Marcie Maxwell was chairman of the Renton Chamber of Commerce. Maxwell is a former chairman. This story has been corrected.

King County Elections filing week ended Friday, May 17, which means folks now know who will be running in the August primary election. For Renton, this year’s election includes important positions without an incumbent.

Four candidates have placed their names in the running for Renton’s mayor. Current Mayor Denis Law announced in December 2018 after 12 years he would not be seeking re-election.

Ruth Pérez, Marcie Maxwell, Armondo Pavone and Randy Corman have all filed for mayor. Three of the candidates are current Renton councilmembers. Maxwell is a former school board member.

The August primary determines the top two candidates in each race, who will then go on to run for the November general election. The primary is Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Here’s the full list of candidates:

City of Renton, Mayor

Maxwell is a Renton business owner of Marcie Maxwell and Lisa Lam LLC and a resident. She is a former Renton School Board director, former member of the Renton Chamber of Commerce, founding board member of Renton Community Foundation and former Renton Rotary president. Maxwell was also recently a senior policy advisor to Washington state’s Governor and three terms representing Renton as the 41st District State Representative.

Pérez is a current Renton City Councilmember, appointed in 2014 and reelected in 2015 and 2017. In a press release, Pérez said she will focus on continuing a strong economy, reducing crime and homelessness, expanding access to affordable housing and transportation. Pérez received an Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership this year by the Association of Washington Cities.

Pavone is a Renton City Councilmember, resident and restaurant owner of Melrose Grill steakhouse. He’s been on council for eight years, and said his priority will be to reduce crime and improve the sense of safety in the community, as well as finishing revitalizing downtown and sunset neighborhoods. Pavone said he looks forward to continuing improvements in Renton that have been experienced the past 10 years.

Corman is a 25-year councilmember, and retired Boeing employee. Corman states in a press release he has also served as council president or council pro-tem for 10 years, chaired every council committee and worked with four mayors in his time on city council. Corman said if elected he will “bring the same enthusiasm, open-mindedness, collaboration and desire to hear from the whole community that I’m known for on council.”

City of Renton, Council Pos. 3

Current Councilmember Carol Ann Witschi announced she would not be seeking reelection for her seat. Now four people are running for the spot.

O’Halloran is an executive board member of Renton Regional Community Foundation and financial systems analyst. O’Halloran said she is a community activist and this is her first run for public office. Issues important to her include affordable housing, living-wage jobs and homelessness.

  • Max J. Heller, III

Heller III is running for the second time for a position on city council. He said he’s running on a platform of “cleaning up cities.” Heller III said he feels growing homelessness and crime has “gone largely ignored by our elected officials and it is past time for something to be done.”

Alberson is a resident of Renton and an entrepreneur helping small and medium-sized companies improve businesses. According to his website, Alberson is running on a platform of growth, opportunity and safety.

  • Linda M. Smith

Reverend Smith is executive director and senior pastor, founder of the Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches (REACH) Center of Hope in Renton, and member of the Renton African American Pastoral Group (RAAP). Smith has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent a press release to the Reporter.

City of Renton, Council Pos. 4

McIrvin is the incumbent for the seat, and states in a press release he looks forward to continuing to represent Renton. He has served on council for four years, and the King County Regional Affordable Housing Task Force.

Spasikova has not sent information to the Reporter.

City of Renton, Council Pos. 5

Prince is the incumbent for the position and has been on council since 2011.

City of Renton, Council Pos. 7

This will be Council President Don Persson’s last term, after 17 years in city council. Two people have filed for the seat.

Van is an active community member in the Renton Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force, Renton Rotary, Northwest Immigrants Rights Project (NWIRP), and several other groups. Van said she has a passion for justice and paying it forward. She said her main issues are public safety, economic development, senior services, appreciating cultural diversity, veterans and fiscal responsibility.

  • Thomas Trautmann

Trautmann has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent information to the Reporter.

Renton School Board of Directors, District No. 1

Louie is the incumbent for the director seat, and has served for two years. She is a graduate of Renton schools and a “full-time advocate for students, school staff and families.”

  • Joe Todd

Todd has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent a press release to the Reporter.

Renton School Board of Directors, District No. 3

McIrvin works at Renton Technical College, and previously was vice-president of New Horizon school board. She said she is particularly interested in supporting women and students of color in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Other issues of priority are; include expanding partnerships with two and four-year colleges, competitive compensation for teachers and staff, and ensuring equitable school district policies. One of her two children begins kindergarten at Cascade Elementary School this fall.

Chambers’ website states he is “Principled. Proven. Progressive.” He has not sent information to the Reporter.

  • Kristen Deskin

Deskin has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent information to the Reporter.

Renton School Board of Directors, District No. 4

  • Gloria Hodge

Hodge is the incumbent for the District 4 director position and has served on the board since 2015. Hodge has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent information to the Reporter.

  • Suzette Espinoza Cruz

Espinoza Cruz has not submitted a campaign website to King County Elections or sent information to the Reporter.

Renton Regional Fire Authority, Fire District No. 25 Commissioner

  • Kerry Abercrombie

Kerry Abercrombie is the incumbent for the Fire District No. 25 position, and has served as commissioner since 2014.

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