Help Wanted — New Renton Councilmember

Applications open to fill Pavone’s emptied council seat

Renton City Council officially announced the vacancy of now-Mayor Armondo Pavone’s council seat, Position Two, and how interested folks can apply. The council approved a resolution for a new policy on appointing vacant council seats on Jan. 6.

Interested applicants can only be considered if they meet state requirements, are a registered voter in Renton and have lived in city limits for at least one year prior to applying.

After passing that list, applicants need to submit a letter of interest, a resume and a completed questionnaire written by acting councilmembers.

The questionnaire asks:

•What experience do you have that would benefit this position?

•What would your top three priorities be as a councilmember?

•Do you believe Renton should continue to grow?

•What would you do for Renton’s transportation issues?

•What is your position on how the city should combat crime and keep neighborhoods safe? What can the city council do about it?

Applicants can also optionally submit letters of support from the community.

The due date for these materials is to be submitted to the city clerk’s office by 5 p.m., Jan. 22. At the Jan. 27 council meeting, councilmembers will debate the merits of the candidates, in either closed or open session, and then select candidates they would like to interview during the open portion of the meeting. They can also choose to select an appointee instead of interviewing.

If council chooses to interview, those take place Feb. 3, at 3:30 in council chambers for the Committee of the Whole meeting, at Renton City Hall. Later that night, councilmembers would be able to vote to appoint one of the interviewed candidates, who is then sworn-in at the following meeting.

For more information on the appointment process, contact the City Clerk at or 425-430-6510.

Here is the council vacancy packet for interested applicants, courtesy of the City Clerk:

Renton Council Vacancy Packet by Haley Ausbun on Scribd