Grants to fund clean water in Renton

King County Council allocates over $200,000 to local projects and schools

Clean water projects that benefit Renton will receive a boost in funding after $200,000 in grants were awarded.

The grants are a part of the WaterWorks Grant Program, according to a King County Council press release. Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn announced the awards and directed $180,000 of the funding to the Homestead Community Land Trust’s Willowcrest Townhomes project, located in the Sunset area of Renton. This will allow it to add stormwater management to the townhomes to minimize its environmental impact.

Willowcrest Townhomes are an affordable housing project developed in partnership by the Renton Housing Authority (RHA) and the Homestead Community Land Trust.

“Our region continues to have a deep need for affordable housing,” Dunn stated in the press release. “I’m pleased to help provide funding to a project that offers sustainable homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income earners.”

“We greatly appreciate the decision by Councilmember Dunn to allocate $180,000 in Waterworks Grant funding toward the Willowcrest Townhomes project,” Renton Mayor Denis Law stated in the press release. “Providing individuals and families in the Sunset Area with quality and affordable homeownership opportunities is a key part of our Sunset Area Transformation Plan and we’re just delighted to see funds awarded that not only help build attractive housing but also contribute to water quality and environmental stewardship. Councilmember Dunn has been a tremendous supporter of these projects and we know this funding will be put to very good use.”

An additional $20,085 was awarded to the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to support its Greenway Education program, the press release stated, which currently works with four different schools in Renton to provide students with high quality, science-based outdoor learning.

The King County Council also allocated $2.4 million in WaterWorks grants to improve water quality across the region. Over $253,000 of this funding went to support critical projects and organizations in Dunn’s district, according to the press release. The grants are awarded every two years to a variety of organizations including nonprofits, schools, cities, counties, tribes and special purpose districts. The grants will provide funding for 28 projects within the King County regional wastewater system, the press release stated.