Courtroom defendant faces escape charge | POLICE BLOTTER

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department case reports.

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department case reports.

A 28-year-old Renton man was told repeatedly by the judge and his defense attorney not to leave a Renton Municipal Court courtroom March 8 because police were coming to arrest him.

The judge warned him that he would be charged with escape if he tried to leave. The Renton man had arrived two hours late for his hearing, resulting in a “failure to appear” order with bail set at $25,000.

The man jangled his keys and told his defense attorney he needed to go outside. He was told no. The judge told him to sit in the jury box. He got up and walked toward the exit. The judge and his attorney loudly warned him that he could not leave. He responded “I understand” and walked out.

King County prosecutors received the case this week and were determining whether to file escape charge.

THIS WAS A FRISK: A Renton Police officer repeatedly explained the difference between a search and a frisk late on Feb. 28 to a woman sitting next to a mostly consumed 40-ounce can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on South Second Street.

Uncooperative and known to police, the 22-year-old Renton woman stood up and reached into her pocket, at which point she was frisked for a weapon. The officer felt a hard object in the pocket of her winter trench coat.

It was an hour-glass-shaped device broken on one end to create holes. There was a film on the inside of the glass, suggesting it was used to smoke something.

She was adamant she didn’t smoke anything (although a witness reported otherwise) but finally said a relative had smoked “crack” out of the pipe moments earlier.

The device was taken into custody for destruction. She was free to go.

BARKING UP THE WRONG PARK: A 57-year-old Shelton man yelling “kill him!” near the dog park on the Cedar River Trail caught the attention of passersby Feb. 29 and eventually police.

He’s known to officers, including an incident last summer on the trail in which he was expelled from the park for a year and when he assaulted a police officer.

Compliant at first, he became angry when handcuffed and yelled he’d kick the officer’s ass. Officers smelled alcohol on his breath.

He was cited for trespassing in the park and booked into the SCORE regional jail.

HE’S JUST CURIOUS: The 41-year-old Renton man admitted he wasn’t a good photographer, showing the officer photos of a woman’s knee, skirt and ground – but not her underwear.

He was playing pool with the victim and two others as teams at a pub in the Highlands. Witnesses twice saw him point his phone under her short dress as she was bent over to take a shot.

Several days later, after an investigation, the man was contacted by officers at his home. He had a bit too much to drink and made a poor decision. He wanted to see the underwear she had described to him after he asked whether she was wearing shorts. He took the photos out of curiosity.

He was booked into the jail at the county jail in Kent for investigation of voyeurism.

MAN ROBBED UNLOCKING APARTMENT: A 26-year-old Renton man robbed of $800 in cash at about 10 p.m. Feb. 21 as he was unlocking his apartment door in the 17100 block 120th Terrace Southeast.

The suspect in his 20s, weighing between 170 and 200 pounds, struck him in the head and then grabbed an alcohol bottle from inside the door and knocked the victim unconscious.

The suspect also took the man’s car keys; the victim also reported that his 2006 Pontiac Grand Am was stolen. Apparently, the suspect moved it to another resident’s parking spot from which it was towed hours later. The car was ransacked.

ACCORD MISSING BODY PARTS: An officer responding to suspicious vehicle at an apartment complex next to a Dumpster on Monroe Avenue Northeast early on March 2 found it stripped of numerous parts.

The 1993 Honda Accord had been reported stolen in Tukwila.

Missing were passenger-side wheels, license plates, front seats and a stereo; other parts were damaged and two spare tires on the driver’s side didn’t seem to fit right.

BARBER THREATENED: A customer at a barber shop on the Benson Highway refused to pay the barber and pushed him Feb. 19, apparently when the barber cut an ingrown hair on the back of his head.

There was no cut, but the customer still refused to pay the $17 and left. He pushed the barber when he tried to get his license plate number.

The suspect then put his hand on his waist, as if he had a gun and threatened to come back and hurt the barber. The barber took this as a threat and put his hand on his gun, which he keeps in case someone threatens him with a gun. He didn’t pull the gun. He tried to calm the man because families were nearby.

THE ATM SCAM: A woman was scammed of $500 after she was approached by another woman late Feb. 16 on South Grady Way while withdrawing money from her bank ATM.

The suspect had no way to cash a check from her boss so she signed it over the victim. The ATM accepted the check and the victim gave her cash.

It was late, no one was around and the victim was afraid. She didn’t know what was inside the suspect’s backpack and feared she might get hurt.

Days later she saw that $500 had been withdrawn from her account. Her bank told her to report the incident to police.