“Community Supported Agriculture,” boxes aim to bring fresh local produce to your table.

Program organizer says revenue from purchased boxes will go directly to local farmers.

Community Supported Agriculture boxes are coming back this Summer and this time with “less kale,” says the organizer Marley Rall.

Rall came up with the idea for CSA boxes early into the onset of the pandemic last year. Her work with local farmers at Pike Place Market helped her develop relationships with many small family-owned farms in Washington.

When the pandemic hit she was aware that many farmers had already planted crops and made investment early in the season without knowing how the pandemic would affect the market and their ability to sell their harvests.

As a way to both support these farmers, utilize their crops and introduce people in the area to fresh and local produce, she came up with the CSA box program.

People pay for a series of weekly boxes filled with fresh fruits, veggies, preserves, flowers and because Rall owns Brewmaster’s Taproom and Bakery, beer and baked goods.

Rall said virtually all of the money raised goes directly to farmers.

“Going right to the farmers every week is the best way to help them,” she said.

The produce is picked at “peak freshness,” according to Rall. Each box will include a unique or rare fruit or vegetable as a way to introduce them to new people.

Some boxes will have fresh eggs or even fish supplied by Wilson Fish Market. Rall said recipes will be provided to give people tips on delicious ways to prepare and enjoy their fresh produce.

Rall called the project a “labor of love,”.

The program starts June 1 and will be held weekly through Sept. 28.

Those interested in purchasing their CSA boxes can visit https://www.thebrewmasterstaproom.com/csa-boxes for more information.