City of Renton to discuss banning puppymill-supplied pet store

The Renton Planning Commision will hold a meeting to discuss the topic on Aug. 18.

The City of Renton Planning Commission is set to hear public comment regarding a proposed ordinance that would prohibit existing businesses from selling puppies from puppy mills and from price-gouging and predatory lending practices.

The virtual meeting will be at 6 pm on Wednesday, August 18.

Ashly Dale, director of the anti-puppy mill group Bailing Out Benji, said Puppyland in Renton is selling puppies sourced from puppy mills.

“Puppy mills exploit innocent animals by forcing dogs to breed continuously and then ignoring their medical, social, and physical needs.” Dale said the puppies born at these “factory farms” are taken from their mothers as early as four weeks and can carry contagious diseases or suffer from congenital defects due to overbreeding.

“Residents have an opportunity to tell City Hall that this kind of business model is not welcome in Renton,” said Dale.

Seven Washington cities and one county have already passed humane ordinances that required existing businesses to stop selling puppies.

“Although the State of Washington passed legislation barring future businesses from selling puppies, we need to address the existing problem and cut off the puppy mill pipeline to our state,” Dale said.

In addition to the cruel reality of where these puppies come from, Dale said there is also a consumer protection aspect to these businesses. Pet stores selling puppies may charge up to $8,000 for a puppy and then lock buyers into predatory loans with interest rates up to 200%.

She said buyers may also have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or forfeit certain benefits and/or reimbursements. Customers must provide ID just to enter the store with no explanation about how that personal information might be used.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact to send in their written concerns and/or to sign up to speak at the meeting.