City of Renton assesses compliance with ADA standards, asks for community feedback on plans

The report identified that 86% of curb ramps and 51% of sidewalks are non-compliant with standards.

The City of Renton is asking for community feedback on their assessment of the city’s mobility infrastructure and its compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan identifies the city’s current barriers to people with disabilities and recommends specific needs for improvement.

According to the assessment, the city currently has 5,940 sidewalks, totaling approximately 353 miles in length, 780 crosswalk signal pushbuttons and 4,273 curb ramps.

The report uses a composite to identify whether these infrastructures are in compliance with ADA standards, measuring qualities such as sidewalk width, sidewalk condition and the incline and steepness of curb ramps.

According to the assessment, approximately 86% of the 4,273 existing curb ramps do not meet ADA standards. This includes 383, or 9%, that were identified as being a “Minor Compliance Issue” and 3,283, or 77% that were identified as having a “Significant Compliance Issues.”

As for sidewalk compliance with ADA standards, 51% of the 353 miles of sidewalks were identified as being non-compliant. Only 1%, or 5 miles, were identified as being a “Significant Compliance Issue,” while 50%, or 176 miles, were tagged as being a “Minor Compliance Issue.”

The document claims that 694 of the 780 inventoried pedestrian push buttons for crosswalks were not fully ADA compliant, this was explained as being due to not being upgraded or updated to meet standards that have changed overtime.

The total planning-level cost estimate to remove all identified pedestrian barriers is approximately $178,777,000. The most expensive part of that total cost is the cost to make the sidewalks compliant with ADA standards, estimated at $75,991,000.

If you would like to see the report, or make a public comment on the assessment or plan, you can visit this link: