Carol Ann Witschi leaving Renton early

Councilmember’s resignation may leave seat vacant till election

Political leaders and residents knew for some months Councilmember Carol Ann Witschi would not seek reelection, but on Monday, July 15 she publicly announced she’d leave her position early.

In a resignation letter addressed to council president Don Persson, Witschi stated that she was moving with her family to North Carolina.

“We have some fine candidates running for my seat and I’m confident the city will remain in good hands,” the letter states. “I have loved my time serving on council and I will miss you all.”

At the meeting, Witschi teared up as the city clerk read her letter of resignation. She said she would miss the council, and that she would carry what she learned here with her. Mayor Denis Law said they wish Witschi the best of luck, but her time with council isn’t over yet. Her end date will be Sept. 1.

At the next committee of the whole meeting, which is scheduled for August 5, council will determine the procedure for Witschi’s vacancy.

City staff said that since her resignation falls within the 90-day window of the November general election, the council may wish to leave her seat vacant until a new council member is elected.

Four candidates are running for Witschi’s seat, which will be cut to two after the August primary: Valerie O’Halloran, Linda Smith, James Alberson and Max Heller III. Here is a recent Q&A with the candidates running for her seat.