Boeing awards $250k grant to Renton School Foundation

The grant will help support mathematic development for the Renton school district’s elementary school and middle school students.

A $250,000 grant from the Boeing Company has been award to the Renton Schools Foundation (RSF) and will be used to support mathematics in the Renton School Distrtict.

The school district will match the grant and use the funding to support elementary school and middle school students, from grades 3-8, with developing an understanding of math in a conceptual way. The grant will also provide students with hands-on activities related to science and math.

“The Renton Schools Foundation is very appreciative of Boeing’s investment in the Renton community,” said Pam Teal of RSF. “Together we are making a difference in student lives!”

Boeing has worked with the RSF for well over a decade, having recently partnered with the RSF and Renton School District staff to determine student needs and to provide a similar grant to support 9th grade students.

“Boeing has been a $10,000 RSF sponsor since our very first breakfast fundraiser in 2010. This past April they increased their sponsorship to $25,000,” said Teal.

In total, Boeing has awarded a total of $155,000 in sponsorships and has hired many Renton students enrolled in aerospace engineering classes after graduation.

The $250,000 grant from Boeing is the second one that has been awarded to RSF since October 2022, totaling $500,000. Since working with Boeing, RSF has received $655,000.

“The Boeing Company is once again leading the way in its support of our efforts to meet the needs of all our students,” said Renton Schools Superintendent Dr. Damien Pattenaude. “It is a true blessing to have such an involved and committed global company that also works to support local children, families, and educators.”