Bloodworks Northwest to host blood drives in Renton

Donor representative says O positive blood is in high demand.

Bloodworks Northwest is set to host four blood drives in Renton over the next month or so.

Two blood drives will be held at Hazen High School on March 25th and 26th and there will be two more at Lindbergh High School on April 15th and 16th.

Landon Bennett, donor resource representative for Bloodworks Northwest, said 192 units of blood have been donated at Hazen so far this year and 127 units at Lindbergh.

Bennett said there has been an increase in donations at both schools this year compared to the average academic year, which he said is pretty astounding given the schools have been in remote learning all year.

“Our blood supply took a dip with the one-two punch of the snowstorm and fewer donors scheduling appointments throughout the month of February,” said Bennett. “This has left multiple blood types, including O Positive, at critical levels.”

According to Bennett, O Positive is particularly important as emergency rooms at the over 80 hospitals served by Bloodworks Northwest need a large inventory on hand for bleeding patients they treat.