ASL users can learn CPR

First accessible CPR class held in February

In an effort to increase access to CPR and AED training, Renton Regional Fire Authority (Renton RFA) is hosting it’s first American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted training.

The training, Feb. 1, is a test run to what may be more courses like this in the future, according to Renton RFA press release. This could impact not only Renton, but courses throughout the region. CPR/AED training courses help good Samaritans be prepared in the event of someone’s cardiac arrest, using both resuscitation and automatic external defibrillators.

Renton RFA recently revamped its approach to training and first aid courses. The authority now teams up with Puget Sound Fire Authority and Valley Regional Fire Authority to provide higher levels of first aid curriculum, two-year certifications and more courses.

After establishing the new program in 2019, Renton RFA is kicking off 2020 with more accessible CPR, AED and first aid education throughout the city. More additions to CPR/AED and first aid courses are also on the horizon.

Standard courses are several times a month, and can be accessed through the Renton RFA website,