70-year-old woman threatened with gun while at stoplight | POLICE BLOTTER

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department case reports.

The following information was compiled from Renton Police Department case reports.

A 70-year-old Renton woman stopped at a red light on Southeast Petrovitsky Road at about 11:30 p.m. Feb. 18 looked out her side window as a teen pointed a handgun at her head.

He yelled at her to get out of her car.

She covered her ears with her hands and screamed. She looked up to see the light was green and stepped on the gas pedal. She finished turning left onto 128th Avenue Southeast and took off, calling 911.

Two teenage males matching the victim’s clothing descriptions were stopped nearby. Police have contacted both for juvenile problems and as runaways in the past.

A gas-powered pellet gun that matched the victim’s description was found under an SUV near where the teens were caught.

The teens were released to guardians but not arrested because the victim couldn’t positively identify them.

SECURITY OFFICER ASSAULTED: A Rite Aid security officer was struck multiple times during a robbery of the store Feb. 18 on Northeast Sunset Boulevard, in which fish oil supplements were stolen by a Renton man and a teen.

The store security officer, 29, confronted an 18-year-old Renton man outside the store, who took a fighting stance and hit the officer numerous times with his fist. He then fled on foot with the teenager.

The two were spotted on Sunset east of Rite Aid, and after initially ignoring an officer’s command to stop, were arrested. A bottle of fish-oil supplement fell from the teen’s hoodie pocket.

The 17-year-old Renton teen asked an officer to put his wallet in his backpack, where the officer found another bottle of fish oil, a window punch and razors. He hadn’t paid for anything.

The adult was booked into the King County Jail in Seattle for investigation of second-degree robbery. The teen was released to his stepfather at home. The security officer had no visible injuries.

WHO ASSAULTED HIM?: For sure, the 27-year-old Kent man had deep gashes to his legs and arms that exposed his muscle and left a pool of blood Feb. 19 when he collapsed outside a Renton restaurant on the Maple Valley Highway.

He used his belt as a tourniquet.

But he couldn’t offer a consistent story about how he was so badly wounded when he was trying to buy marijuana.

Under close questioning, he finally admitted he wasn’t stabbed in the parking lot of a nearby motel, although blood was found there. Then he said he was assaulted inside a mid-2000s sedan. He wasn’t completely clear on the number of attackers.

He uses any and all drugs, but clarified for the officer he uses whatever he can find. He said he wasn’t on drugs at the time; that’s why we was looking for some.

He was transported to Valley Medical Center for further treatment. Investigators have no witnesses and no suspects.

MARIJUANA EXPULSION: A Hazen High School student was expelled from school in mid-February after he was found in possession of three grams of marijuana.

The marijuana was in a glass jar with a lid; also recovered were a glass pipe, tin of chewing tobacco and a lighter.

The marijuana was turned over to Renton Police for destruction.

OUT OF THE CLOSET: A Federal Way man was found hiding in a closet the morning of Feb. 21 as Renton officers searched a vacant house on Park Avenue North for intruders.

A neighbor reported seeing someone enter the back door; officers discovered the fence cut open and pulled back.

The owner didn’t want to press criminal trespass owners but the suspect was trespassed for a year.

Identification, keys and a cell phone belonging to a Renton man were found in the house. He’s also considered a suspect.