4 juveniles arrested after crashing stolen vehicle in Renton

Police responded to the incident before noon on Tuesday Oct. 25.

Four juveniles were arrested after reportedly firing a gun from a stolen vehicle before crashing into another vehicle on Tuesday morning, Oct. 25.

According to police, a conflict at an apartment complex led to the four suspects driving off in a stolen Kia vehicle, which was then pursued by a second, unidentified vehicle near at Southport and Logan in Renton.

During the chase, one suspect in the stolen vehicle shot a gun at the second vehicle, though no injuries from the gunfire have been reported.

The pursuit ended when the stolen car hit another vehicle, causing a collision.

“A third vehicle was involved,” said Cyndie Morris of the Renton Police Department on Oct. 25. “But only because the suspect vehicle tried to flee the scene and collided with the uninvolved vehicle. That’s when all four suspects bailed and ran.”

Police were dispatched to the scene at 11:36 a.m., with the first officer arriving only a minute later.

After the collision — which caused minor injuries to one of the suspects — police pursued the four suspects on foot before arresting the minors.

Police are investigating the incident.

“I’m sure more will be uncovered as the detectives get on scene and start their portion of the investigation,” said Morris.