Renton man stabs, kills 11-year-old brother

The man chased his brother down the street in broad daylight, attacked him on the sidewalk.

An 11-year-old Renton boy was stabbed and killed by his older brother on Saturday, Nov. 21, discovered by police on the sidewalk.

The tragic event on Monroe Avenue East closed off traffic for several hours. The incident began inside their home, according to police, where the 22-year-old brother threatened his younger brother. He then chased him down the street for a block, before catching and stabbing the young boy.

Officers say that they quickly learned what happened and took the brother into custody at the scene. He is booked a the King County Jail and being investigated.

The 11 year old was taken to Harborview Medical Center and pronounced dead. He was a sixth grader at McKinley Middle School.