Xtra-PC Reviews – Powerful USB Flash Drive That Works or Not?

To turn a used or slow computer into a faster working machine, Xtra-PC® is a new solution available to consumers. It is a small yet mighty flash drive that can be plugged into the USB port of the slow computer and is for transforming old and slow personal computers (PC) into ultra-fast high-performance PCs once again.

It works on all types of computers and is very simple to use. It has an impressive performance and will not modify the old files on the computer.

It is an easy, inexpensive alternative for upgrading and improving the functioning of slow and outdated computers. Hundreds of thousands of people have been able to save on the expense of purchasing new computers with the use of Xtra-Pc®.

About Xtra-PC®

Xtra-Pc® is an easy-to-use and straightforward flash drive device that can be inserted into an available USB port into any laptop, desktop, or netbook computer. Xtra-PC® can turn underperforming and slow devices to new-like, even if the device has a corrupt or missing hard drive.

Inside it has an Xtra-Pc® operating system (OS) based on the proven foundation of Linux. It is effortless to set up and also easy to use. After inserting the Xtra-PC®, it begins to bypass the old operating system like Windows and Mac. It replaces it with a thoroughly efficient Linux operating system that is significantly faster.

The new operating system has the familiar look and feel of the old operating system. It gives super-fast speed for vital works like internet surfing, watching videos, gaming, and downloading.

Mechanism and Use:

Xtra-Pc® is based on the Linux OS, a classic and very reliable OS that rarely crashes. It is very convenient to use, and most importantly, it is less prone to virus attacks which means there is no need to use anti-virus software.

To use Xtra-Pc®, it simply needs to be inserted into the USB drive of the computer. After turning on the computer, the Boot Menu needs to be opened by pressing the boot key on the PC keyboard for up to 2 seconds. In most cases, F12, F11, F10, F9, F1, or ESC is the boot key displayed on the screen when it first begins.

In the Boot Menu that appears, the option “USB Hard Drive” needs to be selected using the arrow buttons on the keyboard. After selection, it instantly boots in less than a minute, and the PC turns live once again. It will have the same look and feel as the previously used OS.

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There is an alternative way to use Xtra-Pc®. This automatically sets up the PC to use Xtra-Pc® whenever it is turned on. The PC needs to be set to boot to USB, which can be done by turning it off and then turning it on. The boot menu needs to be accessed by pressing the F1, F2, ESC, F9, F10, or Esc keys for up to 2 seconds. In the Boot setup menu, the Boot Priority needs to be changed to USB. After saving the changes, the PC will, by default, look for Xtra-PC® upon restart. This does not affect the existing OS, Windows, or Mac, even if Xtra-PC® is not used.

Xtra-Pc® doesn’t affect the existing files and documents on the computer. So there is no need to be worried about losing files stored on the PC. Also, there is no requirement to install an anti-virus program as Linux is resistant to viruses and malware.

Xtra-Pc® has all the essential functions of a regular PC. It has an in-built browser that allows web surfing, emailing, and downloading anything from the internet.

A DVD player for watching videos or movies, a music player for listening to audio, an Open Office to allow the use of documents and spreadsheet files, a File Manager for browsing PC files, and a Photo Viewer for viewing photos. The pre-installed programs also allow printing, monitor setup, and connecting to Wi-Fi. It even works with any misplaced and broken hard drives.

The performance enhancement of PCs varies, subject to its memory, processor, video card, and bus speed configuration. In exhaustive disk operations, the USB might seem slower than performing from a hard drive. However, in most cases, it is guaranteed to give a better performance.

It also gives the flexibility to add or remove any programs of their choice. An internet connection is not required to view photos, listen to downloaded music, watch DVDs, and create and edit documents. However, for the first setup, an active internet connection is needed.

Xtra-Pc® works for all laptops, desktops, and netbook computers that initially use Windows Vista, XP, and seven made in 2004 or later and can be booted through USB. It can also be used for Mac OS, given it can boot to USB. On observation, it is seen that MacBooks manufactured before 2011 may not be able to boot to USB.

Pricing for the Xtra-Pc®:

All Xtra-Pc® products can be purchased on the official website and are currently offered at 40 % off and carry a 60 Day money-back guarantee. It comes in 3 price and storage variants:

  • Xtra-Pc® Turbo 16 comes with a compact 16 GB storage for a discounted price of $ 34.99 instead of $ 49.99.
  • The Xtra-Pc® Turbo 32 is priced at $ 59.88 instead of $ 119.99 for its 32 GB storage and 1.5 times speed over the Xtra-Pc® Turbo 16.
  • The third variant Xtra-Pc® Pro 64, is available for 64 GB at $ 79.88 instead of $ 159.99. It has double the speed of Xtra-Pc® Turbo 16 and File Rescue Software which is offered free of cost, otherwise priced at $ 99.

Contact the company by sending an email to:

  • Email Support: https://www.xtra-pc.com/support
  • Company Address: 206 N. Colorado Ave, Haxtun, CO 80731

Customer Reviews:

The company behind the Xtra-Pc® state has more than 500,000 satisfied customers who find Xtra-Pc® remarkable and trust it. The device has been able to resurrect and transform computers that are no older than twelve years.

Many tech-savvy customers have reviewed Xtra-Pc® as a “truly remarkable product” that makes work straightforward and saves on budget as well as time.

Once used on a PC that had crashed, Earl M has rated Xtra-Pc® as the “best value” product. He recovered all his documents, files, photos, videos, and music from his dead PC.

Due to the multi-folded benefits of using Xtra-Pc®, customers are immensely pleased with its use.


Xtra-Pc® is a one-step and complete solution to renew old and slow computers. It can revive and rejuvenate laptops, desktops, and netbook computers operating on Windows or Mac as old as 12 years.

It is based on a very reliable and easy-to-use Linux platform. It functions as a typical computer for browsing and viewing files, documents, playing videos and music, browsing the internet, downloading files, email, and much more. It can be used without affecting the existing files on the computer.

The use of the Xtra-PC® flash USB drive can save hundreds of dollars on buying a new computer even if the device has an existing virus; it also provides the flexibility to add and remove programs of choice and saves time.

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