The 8 Best Penis Extenders That Actually Work for Men

It can be challenging to figure out what women want, but guys are pretty simple regarding their deepest wants and needs. Most guys who were given three wishes to do anything they wanted would probably wish for an endless amount of cash in their savings account, and then two things that people will tell you money can’t buy: better health and a bigger penis.

Penis enlargement is a common desire for men, and there are thousands of products on the market that claim to increase the size of your Member of Parliament. Not all these products measure up.

Some natural supplements that claim to boost your libido and increase your penis size don’t work. Some of these supplements can even be dangerous to your health or contain illegal ingredients. While supplements can do other things for sexual health, like boost your semen volume or make your orgasms more intense, supplements have never proven to do anything for size.

If you would like to enlarge your penis naturally and safely, then penis enhancements and extender devices could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Penis extension devices claim to increase penis size up to 20% by extending the muscles and tendons in the penis, often slowly and over a long period. The use of penis extension devices has shown positive results in trials and could work for you.

Initially, penis extender devices were made to correct penile curvatures without pain or surgery. Today, we know that penis enhancement or extender devices also have several other uses that can make them beneficial to male sexual health.

If you’re in the market for a longer penis, then it could be time for a penis extension device, but it’s essential to choose the right product. Most of the products that claim to help you achieve a bigger penis won’t do it. This is one reason why we’ve put together this list.

We have taken a closer look at some of the best-selling male enhancement devices on the market today and put together this list of only the best of them.

Here are the eight penis extension devices we’ve featured in this article:

  • ProExtender
  • Quick Extender Pro
  • Phallosan Forte
  • SizeGenetics
  • Male Edge
  • Jes-Extender
  • PeniMaster
  • Hydromax

The Best Penis Enhancements and Penis Extenders for 2022

Thousands of products on the market might claim to achieve results to get you a larger penis in a short amount of time, but we have found only eight products out of all the available options. Most other penis extender devices don’t work, and supplements have never been shown effective in actually increasing the size of your penis.

We have made it through a lot of spam and lousy advertising to seek out the best products. We were left with all devices from reliable brands, with results backed by testimonials and clinical tests into how well the products work.

Looking for the best and most reliable penis extender devices money can buy? Want to guarantee that you see results and end up with a longer penis?

Our list contains penis extension devices that genuinely work!

Here’s a look at the best male enhancement devices and penis extenders on the market:



ProExtender is a favored penis enhancement device made by a reliable manufacturer in the male sexual health industry that offers several products backed by claims on their website. Thousands of people claim that the ProExtender has worked for them, and it’s so popular that you’ve probably seen their banner ads on forums or sites by now.

The ProExtender is one of the few male enhancement devices backed by manufacturer-funded research into the effectiveness of their product. According to the results from the product manufacturer’s website, the ProExtender can give most men the results they were looking for in a matter of weeks.

Claims of the product include a 20 to 30% increase in penis size without any pain or discomfort in a few weeks to months of regular use.

The ProExtender has gotten thousands of good reviews from previous users who claim the product got them the results they wanted. More than this, advertising for the ProExtender claims that doctors and plastic surgeons often prescribe the product as a non-surgical alternative to penis lengthening surgeries.

If you order yours from the official ProExtender site, you can even get more out of the deal than just the penis extender. A guide on using your ProExtender for the best results is also included, along with more bonuses.

If you are not happy with the results the ProExtender helped you to achieve, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s clever money-back guarantee and just try another product!

The basic ProExtender retails for just under $150.

Quick Extender Pro


The Quick Extender Pro is one of the leading penis enlargement devices on the market. It claims that it can increase your penis size in just a few weeks of regular use without any discomfort, pain, or weird natural supplements that might be bad for your health.

The technique behind the Quick Extender Pro uses spring-force tension to gradually increase penis length in a safe, natural way that has been proven to work. Unlike supplements to increase, penis lengthening with the use of spring-force like the Quick Extender Pro does has been well-studied and researched.

Unlike some other penis extender products, the Quick Extender Pro has been designed to be a completely comfortable fit. The level of tension is easy to adjust so that you know what you’re working with and can scale it up or down as necessary.

Claiming guaranteed results, the Quick Extender Pro has gotten great reviews on the internet from most guys who have used it and left a review.

The product description guarantees that the product has been made from only the highest quality medical-grade material and is entirely safe to use. Different options are available for guys who want to increase their size, and the advanced package gives you more resources to investigate.

The basic version costs about $120 and contains only the Quick Extender Pro. The more advanced purchase gets you guides and added materials to increase your penis size and use the product better, but unfortunately also hikes the price to more than $300.

A 6-month money-back guarantee covers the Quick Extender Pro. If you don’t see the results of the product advertised when you would like to see it, return it to the manufacturer and try another product.

Phallosan Forte


Phallosan Forte is one of the top-rated penis extension devices on the market and advertises high-powered results that can get you a firmer, longer erection in just a few weeks to months. The Phallosan Forte is one of the few penis extension devices that have been put through clinical tests to see how well the product might work, and you can get these results from the manufacturer’s website.

According to the product website, the use of the Phallosan Forte can get you an increase of up to 2″ in penis size within just a few months. If this is true, then the Phallosan Forte could be one of the best penis extension devices on our list, proven to show results.

There’s one more thing for the Phallosan Forte that could make it worth considering. It’s one of the only penis extension devices that claim to be able to increase the girth of your penis as well. This is rare and something that most penis extension devices don’t claim to be able to do.

The Phallosan Forte method claims to be painless, harmless, and one of the best non-surgical methods to getting a bigger penis. One of the good things about this product is that it gets good reviews almost everywhere the product is sold from guys who have said it works.

The Phallosan Forte retails for approximately $120 per unit, though if you have a larger budget or need more help, you can also buy some of their guides in the same place.



SizeGenetics is one of the best male enhancement products on the market, and it’s popular enough that you might have seen some of the banner ads online or reviews that attest to the product’s effectiveness. The SizeGenetics kit looks a little more complicated than the average enhancement device but isn’t if you follow the instructions.

Several things make the SizeGenetics option stand out above others in the male enhancement niche. This is one of the only penis extenders created and designed by a surgeon, and the company is seriously experienced in the penis extension market. The SizeGenetics brand has been around for more than 20 years.

Most of the reviews for SizeGenetics have been excellent, although not everyone claims to have achieved the same results.

Unlike most other extender devices, some creams are intended for use with the SizeGenetics product. Everything you need to know is included in the package.

The SizeGenetics kit carries a higher price tag than some of the other penis extension products on this list and retails for approximately $250 per unit.

Male Edge


Male Edge is one of the most prevalent penis enhancement devices on the market and could be one of the most well-advertised models out there. If you have frequented male sexual health forums in the past few months, then it’s likely that you will already have seen one of the ads for the product – and what it claims to be able to do.

Male Edge has also received a lot of media attention, and it’s one of the only male enhancement products that has received coverage in magazines like Playboy. The product claims to achieve its advertised benefits in just a few weeks of regular use – and most reviews for the product that you will find online have attributed good results to the product’s use.

The claimed effect of the product is achieved through the use of spring force, which gradually increases the tension over a long period to increase penis size. As far as penis lengthening methods go, this is one of the more reliable ways to do it that has been previously studied.

The kit contains everything you need to see claimed results, and the product has everything necessary for results. Male Edge retails for approximately $150 or more, though it’s recommended that you buy from the official website where you can find the occasional discount and good deal.



The Jes-Extender is one of the most prevalent penis size enhancement devices ever made, from one of the companies with an extended history in the male sexual health space with more than 20 years’ worth of a great product.

According to the Jes-Extenderofficial website, it’s one of the only products that claim to increase penis length by up to 30% within a couple of weeks. If this claim is accurate, then the Jes-Extender takes credit for being one of the most effective products available on this list.

Advertised results of the Jes-Extender are claimed in weeks instead of months, and it claims to be one of the best penis extension devices on the market today that can give the user sustainable results. Most of the online reviews for the Jes-Extender say that it could be one of the very best products on the market if you want a natural, safe way to lengthen your penis.

The Jes-Extender is not the cheapest option available on the list but might be one of the most effective for some people who have tried it. If you want to find a Jes-Extender, they are available from the official product’s website at the cost of just over $200.



PeniMaster isn’t a handheld device but looks more like a clinical tool that measures heart rate or blood pressure – although yes, it’s still a type of penis extension device. It uses an unusual method that doesn’t work like most other penis extension devices and uses pulling force at different intensity levels to stretch the muscles and tendons in the penis to length.

The PeniMaster claims to have speedy and sustainable results, and it’s made by a reliable brand that tests its products before putting them on the market. Studies and previous reviews mainly attest that the PeniMaster has achieved good results – at least for most people who have tried it for a few months at a time.

While it uses a method that you don’t see for most penis enhancement devices, it claims to have quick results and to have been tested and made from only the best materials. You’ll have to decide for yourself if this could be the best option for you. If not, try some of the other penis lengthening devices on this list.

The PeniMaster retails for approximately $350 or more per unit. This gives it a higher price tag than some of the other penis enhancement devices on the market. As we said, you’ll have to decide for yourself if this is worth paying for what the product claims it can do.



Hydromax is one of the best-selling penis enhancement products right now, but it doesn’t work like the other penis extension products you will see on this list. Instead of using traditional traction or gradual force to lengthen the muscles and tendons of the penis, the Hydromax relies on suction to achieve its intended effect. It’s more like a traditional penis suction pump and works a little differently from other extenders.

Hydromax is backed by research into penis size, and this is one of the oldest techniques out there to increase penis length over time. While the product gets excellent reviews from most people who have used it, penis pumps like these are less popular because their improper use can be, sometimes, dangerous.

Hydromax claims it can help you see results in just a few weeks of regular and proper use.

If you are not completely happy with the results you see after using Hydromax for a few weeks, the manufacturer offers an applicable money-back guarantee within the first 60 days. This is great because if the product doesn’t work for you, you get to go straight to another suggested product featured on this list.

The Hydromax retails for just over $100 per unit.

How We Ranked The Best Penis Enhancements and Penis Extenders

There are hundreds if not thousands of different products and supplements on the market that claim to be able to increase the length of your penis. Still, very few of these products work – and no herbal or natural supplements are proven to have benefits for increasing penis size.

We have gone through the most popular products advertised on websites like Amazon and male health message boards to seek out only the eight best male enhancement products you can buy.

If you want to enhance the length of your penis, don’t spend your money on products that won’t do the trick, and don’t waste your time on any supplements that will never do what they claim. Choose from some of the products on our list backed by research and a good brand reputation.

Only products that work as advertised are ones that we have chosen to include in our list of the best male enhancement products.

Curious about the criteria we have used to put together this list of reliable and trusted products that work?

Here’s a look at some of the essential things we considered for each of the products we featured:

Advertising Claims

Advertising claims are essential when you’re buying anything, and it’s certainly going to apply when you buy a product that claims to help you lengthen your penis. Realistic advertising claims are one of the most important things we considered to put together this list – and only products that can back what they say in their ads have made it to our list of the best products.

Please don’t fall for products that don’t work as advertised or claim they can never back up.

Additional Resources

A select few penis extension products are available on the market, selling more than just the penis lengthening device. Some products also have additional resources, like guides to help you use the product better or books that include extra advice. Where products are sold with other resources beyond just the penis lengthening device, we have been sure to mention it – specifically when it adds to the product’s usefulness or changes what you pay for it.

Brand Reputation

We have only considered products from reliable brands with a good reputation in the male sexual health industry. Many brands are “fly-by-night” and don’t carry a good long-term reputation with their products – and these are not the ones you’ll see featured in this article.

Brand reputation matters, and it can sometimes have an enormous impact on the quality of the product you are being offered. We have only considered brands that have been in the business for more than a while and only products from brands backed by good reviews.

Complexity of Use

We are firm believers that penis extender devices shouldn’t describe a long and complicated process that nobody who buys the product can figure out. The complexity of each product has been considered before we added it to our list of the best ones, and only ones that are easy to use (and ones that include a guide on what to do next) have been considered here.

What’s the point of spending money on a penis lengthening device that might work but that you can’t figure out how to operate?

Expert Backed

Some products on this list are backed by experts who attest to the product’s effectiveness or endorse the entire brand. Expert-backed or advocated products carry one more little bit of confidence that can be great for the product’s reputation. Some products on this list are designed in conjunction with these experts to ensure a product that can get results.

Money-Back Guarantees

A money-back guarantee is a product manufacturer’s way to show a little more confidence in their product. If you are not completely happy with the results that you achieve with some of the products seen on this list, many of them have the benefit of a money-back guarantee you can take advantage of.

Money-back guarantees also give you the freedom to go ahead and try another product if the one you bought first didn’t work for you.

Previous Reviews

We have considered the past reviews from other users with the products we have chosen to include on this list. If reviews don’t claim the product got actual results, we gave the products a miss – and only products with excellent previous user reviews remained.

Reviews can give a better idea of how well a product worked (or didn’t) for others.

Price Comparison

All male enhancement products are made differently, and they don’t cost the same. We know that the need to make your penis bigger has nothing to do with the amount of money you are able or willing to spend on the desire – and so we’ve featured products that fit different budgets.

At the end of each product, we have included what they cost, plus any other deals or inclusions the product might give you. This allows you to make an easier choice no matter what budget you have.

Realistic Expectations

Realistic expectations are essential for any device or supplement that claims to benefit the body. We believe that penis lengthening devices are no different, and we have considered advertising claims and the claimed expectations for each product we have featured on the list.

Gone are the products that make untested claims they can’t back with research or reviews. We have chosen only products that make realistic claims.

Safe, Certified Products

If you’re going to let any product near your junk, the first thing you want to know (perhaps after what it’s going to cost you) is whether or not the product is safe. Safety is paramount for medical products. All the penis extender and enhancement devices we have featured on this list have been made according to safety standards (and using safe materials).

Hundreds of products haven’t been tested and might include materials that can cause permanent damage. You won’t see any of these untested products on our list.

Scientifically Researched

Many penis enhancement products have been scientifically researched or subjected to trials by the product manufacturer to show the possible results that you could achieve using their product. We prefer products with some scientific research backing or study into how well the product might work.

Penis Enhancement or Extension Devices: Do They Truly Work?

Penis enhancement or extension devices aren’t just an internet rumor or movie joke, but a method that has been well researched and studied to naturally increase the size (and sometimes girth) of the penis. Do they truly work? Well, research says mostly.

Penis enhancement devices were initially designed as a “brace” for the penis, which can correct curvatures, sometimes during recovery for penile injuries. Today, these devices have more applied uses than just fixing a curve in your penis – but some research shows promise for these devices in lengthening the muscles of the penis.

Strength is usually used to extend the muscles of the penis over a long period, though sometimes other methods like suction (in the case of penis pumps) are used. Penis enhancement devices like the ones you’ll see in this article have become a popular way to increase penis size without the need for supplements or surgery.

Supplements that claim to increase penis length usually don’t: there’s no scientific backing or research that says a supplement can make any kind of difference to the size or length of your penis. The same is not entirely true for other methods like penis extension and lengthening devices, which is why we put together this list.

Most reliable penis enhancement devices show promising results if reviews are believed.

Penis Enhancement Devices: Lengthen-It-Yourself

Penis-lengthening devices are not hard to use, and most products are self-explanatory if you look at where the straps and connectors are secure. The best thing that you can do if you have never made use of a device like this before is to read the instructions that come with the product – most makers will include at the very least an introductory guide that walks you through the starting steps.

Plenty of online videos can show you how to use your specific product if you aren’t sure what to do.

For the most common penis extension device type, you should secure the base and tip, then adjust the straps and the tension. Long-term extenders are meant to be worn for a few hours per day, usually under clothing. Most choose to do this at home, but you would also be surprised at the number of people who wear penis extension devices each day.

The critical thing to remember is that wearing a penis lengthening device is never meant to be painful or uncomfortable and should never cause discomfort or bruising. If you experience any pain with using a product, the best advice is to switch to another one that might be a more comfortable fit for your crotch.

Safety and Your Penis

Safety is one of the most important things you should think about if you would like to use a penis extension device. While these products are safe to use, serious potential side-effects can be associated with their incorrect use and, in some cases, can even cause permanent harm.

Let’s talk about safety and penis extension devices.

The side effects might include pain, discomfort, and sensitivity reduction when used wrong. Rare cases of improper penis lengthening device use have permanently damaged nerves or tissues.

With correct use, you should not experience any side effects – and especially never experience discomfort, bruising, or pain in the penis while using the product. If you experience any discomfort or pain when using the product, you should stop.

Penis Extenders FAQs

Even though penis extension devices have been around for decades, most people who have never used one have no practical experience to go by – and this makes them seem like far more complicated things than they are. Penis enhancement devices and the science that makes them work aren’t hard to understand.

Never used a penis enhancement device before now? Want to know how penis enhancement devices work to increase penis size? Not sure how penis enhancement devices work?

Here’s the more extended version of what you need to know about penis extension devices:

Q: What is a penis enhancement device?

A: Penis enhancement devices are medical braces created to fit the penis. While they were initially made to correct penile curvatures and injuries, penis enhancement devices aren’t just used for bracing today – but studies say that their correct and regular use can lengthen the muscles and tendons of the penis.

Q: Do penis enhancement or lengthening devices work?

A: Yes, and studies show that penis enhancement devices can work better than supplements that advertise the ability. Supplements don’t work and show no potential effect in studies on how supplements change penis size, but enhancement devices are backed by previous research and many good reviews.

Q: How do penis enhancement devices work?

A: Penis enhancement devices use suction or gradually increase tension to stretch the tendons and muscles in the penis for a lengthening effect. It’s not a several-hour process but can take weeks or months to achieve the intended results.

There are different penis enhancement devices, from penis pumps to straps, that use gradual force for the intended effect. Original penis extension devices were used to correct curves and injuries, but today get used for lengthening without the need for surgery.

Q: Are penis enhancement devices safe to use?

A: Yes, but only when used in the right ways.

Always follow the instructions provided with your specific penis enhancement product to ensure the best results. The improper use of penis extension devices is where they have the potential to become dangerous: if you experience any bruising, discomfort, or pain while using your device, stop.

Q: How much can a penis extension device help?

A: Some manufacturers on this list claim that their products can have up to 20% and 30% increase in penis size with regular and correct use. The kind of results you’ll see from a penis extension device will depend on how well it works for you – and we’ll start by saying that not everyone is going to see precisely the same results, even if they were to use the same product.

Q: How long can it take before I see results?

A: Most penis enhancement products promise good results in a few months, though some can start to pay off in just a few weeks of use. If you don’t get the results you wanted from the product, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee that some manufacturers offer and just try another product on the list.

Q: What does a medical-grade mean, and why is it important?

A: Products certified as medical-grade means that only medical quality materials have been used for their production. This guarantees that the product is safe for people to use, and you should never trust any medical health product that does not at least have “medical-grade” certification for how it was put together – especially not near your penis!

Q: How do you use a penis enhancement device?

A: There are different ways to use a penis enhancement device. Most of the devices on this list are secure at the base and tip and then use increased tension gradually to achieve a lengthening effect. At least one device on this list uses suction instead, using the traditional old-school “penis pump” method.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific product if you are unsure how to use it correctly.

Q: How long should you wear a penis enhancement device?

A: It depends.

Penis enhancement devices will have the best effect when worn for several hours at a time, but only you will know when this is practical and possible for you to achieve. Many people only wear their enhancement devices in the comfort of their homes. At the same time, you’d also be surprised at how many people walk around with their penis enhancement devices without anyone being able to tell.

Q: Are penis enhancement devices painful to use?

A: No, and they shouldn’t be.

If you experience any pain or discomfort with the use of a penis enhancement, stop or adjust until it feels more comfortable.

Q: What else can I do to increase penis length?

A: There isn’t much you can do about increasing your penis length or girth other than the correct use of devices or a choice of surgery. Most people don’t like the idea of an expensive and potentially ineffective surgery to increase the length of their penis. That’s what makes male enhancement devices popular.

Q: Is a penis extender the same as a penis pump?

A: No, they are different products.

Penis pumps use suction, while penis extenders and enhancers use tension or weight to lengthen tendons in the penis.

Q: Are penis enhancement devices a one-size-fits-all product?

A: Most penis enhancement devices will fit the average and below and above average penis. There are exceptions for each product, and you are encouraged to look at the individual size specifications of the product before you buy to make sure it will fit you.

Q: Are penis pumps safe?

A: Penis pumps are safe with correct use, but they are less popular than other male enhancement devices because many people don’t use them right. Because penis pumps use suction, they pull blood to the surface where vessels might burst. Other enhancement devices don’t have this associated side-effect.

Q: Do penis pumps work?

A: According to select research trials, penis pumps can be effective for some men who have used them.

Q: How can I tell if my penis enhancement device works?

A: Measure it.

The only way to tell if your penis enhancement device is getting you the results you wanted from the product is to check as you are using it. Don’t expect results in a few hours or weeks, but track your measurements every few months.

Some products have a money-back guarantee or return policy if you don’t see the expected results.

Q: What’s the best penis enhancement product on the market?

A: It can be hard to tell if you’ll excuse the pun. There are thousands of competing brands, and when it comes to penis size, there are just as many scams that are out to waste your time or money. We have considered only the best products and brands on the market to come up with this list – and from there, you will have to decide for yourself which products could be worth trying.

The Best Penis Enhancements and Penis Extenders for 2022 Conclusion

Suppose you would like to increase the length or girth of your penis. In that case, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements that won’t have the effect they advertise – and guys don’t have to worry about the potential of a dangerous and possibly ineffective surgery just to increase what they have to work with anymore.

Penis enhancement devices in this article have shown promising results when subjected to trials and studies. If you want to increase the length of your penis by up to 30% without a need for complicated or dangerous surgery, the products on this list claim they can do precisely that.

We have gone through hundreds of brands and products to choose only the best ones and bring you this list. All the products featured on this list are medical-grade, have gotten good reviews, and are backed by research and experts who claim the products work as advertised.

There’s no need to fall for enlargement supplement spam that will never work to change the size of your penis!

The products we’ve mentioned in this article are all ones that brag with actual results. If you aren’t happy with what you see in a few months, many products have gone far enough to offer a money-back guarantee.

Just choose your buy from our list of the best male enhancement and penis lengthening devices on the market in 2022.

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